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10-13-2017, 04:27 AM
Best Russian VPS Hosting - Powered by OpenVZ

Scopehosts (https://www.scopehosts.com/) Russia VPS hosting (https://www.scopehosts.com/openvz-vps/russia-vps) service are mounted on Dual-CPU Intel Servers With OpenVZ Virtualization. We are located in data pro datacenter located in Russia, Moscow a TIER II Datacenter. Russia Offshore Linux OpenVZ VPS Hosting Services gives a lot of freedom to host anything on it. Until it acceptable under our AUP policy (https://www.scopehosts.com/aup).

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Best RUSSIA VPS Hosting Plans For Your Needs

Processor - Intel Xeon (E3/E5)
vCPU - 1vCPU(Core)
RAM - 1024 MB(DDR3)
Swap - 1024 MB
SSD - 20 GB
IPv4 - 1
IPv6 - 5
Price - euros 6.99 /month.
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Processor - Intel Xeon (E3/E5)
vCPU - 2vCPU(Core)
RAM - 1536 MB(DDR3)
Swap - 1536 MB
SSD - 30 GB
IPv4 - 1
IPv6 - 5
Price - euros 9.99 /month.
Buy Now (https://www.scopehosts.com/secure/cart.php?a=add&pid=16)

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Prime Addons
Additional IP Address - euros 3/mo.
Additional RAM - euros 2.50/512MB RAM.
FREE Cloudflare CDN and DNS
Softaculous 1-Click Installer - euros 1.99/mo.
Litespeed Webserver(1-2GB RAM) - euros 11.99/mo.
Litespeed Webserver(2-8GB RAM) - euros 16.99/mo.

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