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Mike Sten
12-20-2018, 05:48 AM
Why is SSL certificate (https://cloudhulk.com/ssl-certificates.html)required?
When a user login to your website, an SSL certificate (https://cloudhulk.com/) encrypts the data which user inputs and let it travel securely from a browser to the web server.

SSL is most importantly required when a website is carrying out e-commerce operations or any financial operations. Sensitive data of credit cards, debit cards, and social security numbers are entered and collected by the website during such transactions, which needs absolute protection from eavesdroppers.

Nowadays, apart from e-commerce sites, any and every website from different spheres of business too is opting for SSL certificates as many web browsers term such websites as not-secure, which in turn affect the Google ranking and credibility of the site.

According to the recent studies over half of the websites globally are using SSL certificates, to offer secure browsing experience to their users. Google, one of the top search engines in the world also considers having an SSL certificate for a website as one of the top 10 factors to boost the ranking. A website with an HTTPS (S for Secure) is termed as safe and secure for browsing. To earn your user’s trust its mandatory to have an SSL certificate.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of SSL certificates available.

Domain Validati (DV) SSL
Domain validation certificate comes with a 256-bit encryption, browser padlock, offers secure site seal and helps in boost Google ranking. DV certificate is basically used for transport layer security, and the basic intent of issuing it is for proof of control over whois records, DNS record file, and email of account of a domain.
DV certificate has a Grey padlock unlike green in EV in addition DV certificate is compatible with almost all web and mobile browsers. DV SSL is quite economical and easy to implement.

Organization Validation (OV) SSL
Organization Validation certificate is used to usually validate a company or an organization and considered as a high assurance SSL certificate (https://cloudhulk.com/ssl-certificates.html).
OV certificates come with various features like a green padlock, 256-bit encryption, displays organization name in the site the seal. This certificates are very useful during phishing attacks and keep cybercriminals at bay.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL
Extended Validation SSL Certificate is the most secure and powerful SSL certificate one can opt for securing the site. It is highly recommended for E-commerce, Banking, Social Media and Government org sites to have this certificate.

It consists of all the features as that of DV SSL and OV SSL certificates, in addition, it displays business name in the address bar. It requires a bit of documentation and may take a few days to get the business validated from the legitimate authority. You must be surprised to know that though EV SSL offers loads of security features, it is quite cheap and affordable as well.

Cloudhulk (https://cloudhulk.com/)offers all the SSL certificates at a cheap and affordable price from Geotrust SSL and Rapid SSL to the clients to make their website a secured one.