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09-21-2005, 01:00 PM


Hosting Specs

We are Giving Away:
- 200mb Space!
- 4000mb Bandwidth

And as many features as you can think of Including:

- Pop3 Mail
- Webmail
- Installatron (better then fantastico)
- Cpanel
- FTP Transfer
- Webstats - updated when ever you need!

Plus many many more!

A Little About Us

We are constantly trying to make our hosting every little bit better for the user whilst retaining all of our quality.

Unlike Most Free webhosts we do NOT operate under a resller account, we have our own servers run solely for the purpose of running a freewebhost, We will never Oversell, And always do our Best to ensure the stability and quality of our service!

Our Hosting Company is Forum based, which means you can join our growing community, And talk about many different subjects!


We Have, A Helpdesk Were you can post requests, A Support email if you prefer to email us, We also have Msn Support So We can Explain things to you that way if you have big problems, We Try our bests to help you Get the best out of Our Service! :)

To claim your free package Please visit Ariel-Networkz Forums And Post a request, Please get to know us by posting in the forums, We Would love to see you there

Thanks alot, hope To See you all at the forums!
- Dan
- Ariel-Networkz.com Team