View Full Version : [For Hire] Senior corporate designer for hire, no budget under $2000 please

12-24-2009, 09:42 PM
We are here selling our web design services. You can either come into a contract with us on a project basis or hire one of our in-house designers by a full-time position or on a freelance hourly rate.

We can do both design and development, but design is what we are best at. Some of the sites we have created (designed & developed) for ourselves:
1. Free Image Converter (http://www.converthub.com)
2. Top Classical Music (http://www.topclassicalmusic.com)
(both were built quite some time ago, neither was designed by our chief designer (http://www.vassis.com/professional-web-designer-with-bachelors-degree-in-computer-graphics-and-art-design~13))

More information and sample designs can be found at our designer portfolio and introduction (http://www.vassis.com/professional-web-designer-with-bachelors-degree-in-computer-graphics-and-art-design~13) page. If you are interested in hiring us or reselling our service under your own brand, please feel free to reach us at this contact submission form (http://www.tolynn.com).

Though we'd prefer providing custom quotes to your project / position needs, our general hourly rate for a full-time position is $16 while that of freelance is $36.