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07-18-2010, 08:12 PM
Here at OrbixHost we understand the great importance of bandwidth to a gamer. Why, without bandwidth, all you would be doing is lagging, when you should be out on that battlefield fragging the enemy till there isn't anything left. At OrbixHost we want the best for you, and what is better than unlimited bandwidth. Because with unlimited bandwidth, you can be rest assured that you will be fragging rather than lagging. Now that the bandwidth is taken care of, there is still one objective remaining in your Heads-Up Display; and that is the packages. It is your final mission on this level to determine what type of package will best fit your team.
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Basic: You have your team commander, but you need a location for a communications headquarters. Look no further than here. This is our cheapest package, but don't let the price fool you, there is a lot more under the hood. 250 GB w/ 25 add-on domains will help you get on your way. The rest, well, thats unlimited.
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**Does your game require a SQL database? Not a problem, go ahead and set one up, we will even help you get it going if there are any problems.
**Want email accounts for your fellow team members? No problem, you have unlimited accounts.
It is pretty easy to see that you will not be disappointed. Hey, you even get a free domain with it, what could be better?
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Personal: There is nothing personal about beating the other team, but you can make it personal. Do you have a large team and need more room? Is the Basic package too small and the Business package too large? Then make it a personal choice to choose this package. You get 500 GB and 50 add-on domains. It even comes with all the perks of the basic package.
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Business: Soldiers, this is all about business. You are a serious player, your business is keeping your team safe. Well we make it out business to make sure that you have a place to communicate that will never fail. The Business package gives you 1000 GB (1 TB) of space and 100 add-on domains. Plenty to keep your objectives in line.
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Unlimited: This is for you gamers out there who have no limit, you are the type of person who will continue till the job is done, even if that means that your hands are cramping and the mouse pad is smoking. Choose the Unlimited Package You can be confident that your assets, whatever they might be, will be safe in this package. And with unlimited space, you can be sure that you will never run dry in the heat of battle.
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Shared Hosting Packages

Shared Hosting - Basic (Linux or Windows) 4.99
250 GB Storage ∞ TB Bandwidth 25 Add-on Domains

Shared Hosting - Personal (Linux or Windows) 9.99
500 GB Storage ∞ TB Bandwidth ∞ Add-on Domains

Shared Hosting - Business (Linux or Windows) 14.99
1000 GB Storage ∞ TB Bandwidth 100 Add-on Domains

Shared Hosting - Unlimited (Linux or Windows) 19.99
∞ Storage ∞ Bandwidth ∞ Add-on Domains
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See you on the battlefield soldier.