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04-26-2006, 09:32 AM
ArielHost (http://www.arielhost.com) has partnered with the world's largest VoIP carriers to bring you the best VoIP service available.

ArielHost VoIP (http://www.arielhost.com/voip.php) is a VoIP Service Provider that lets you use your Internet connection to make and receive phone calls using our VoIP network. We offer Pay-as-you-go Calling, Unlimited Monthly Plans, and Free in-network Internet Calling along with high quality Internet telephony phones and VoIP devices.

What is ArielHost VoIP?

ArielHost VoIP (http://www.arielhost.com/voip.php) is a VoIP carrier that uses your Internet connection to allow you make and receive phone calls. ArielHost VoIP (http://www.arielhost.com/voip.php) customers can use the service anywhere in the world they connect to the Internet and make high quality calls using any SIP enabled Internet Telephony Device, broadband adaptor, IP phone or softphone. We offer on-line account administration, low prepaid calling rates, unlimited monthly plans and incredible features without all the extra fees and charges like traditional telephone providers. Users are welcome to bring their own VoIP device or try one of ours. We offer our devices open and unlocked so you can unleash the full power of VoIP.

How does it work?

Select an Internet Telephony device or softphone that best fits the way you connect to the Internet. Select an ArielHost VoIP (http://www.arielhost.com/voip.php) calling option and once the device is installed you can simply pick up the phone and dial any regular number. The online Control Panel lets you view your calling plan or remaining call credit balance, add more funds to your account, manage your call forwarding, review call history, missed calls, faxes, share call credit and more. Every account comes with 5 internal ArielHost VoIP numbers so you can share with your family and friends to create your own Free ArielHost VoIP network.

Where can I call with my ArielHost VoIP (http://www.arielhost.com/voip.php) account?

Anywhere. In addition to free calls to other ArielHost VoIP members we offer two types of pay calling options:

Pay-as-You-Go calling which works like a prepaid phone card and lets you call any regular telephone number in the world based on length and destination of the call. You can add additional call credit from your online Control Panel any time and Pay-as-you-go accounts come with all of the ArielHost VoIP features. Includes free in-network Internet calling.
Monthly Calling plans offer unlimited calling to groups of countries around the world. Choose the USA and Canada or a plan that includes calls to as many as 36 countries. You choose the plan that is right for you based on where you call and what you want to spend. The plans are designed for Individual residential customers or businesses with less than five employees. Includes free in-network Internet calling.

What do I need?

A connection to the Internet, a computer and any SIP enabled VoIP device. ArielHost offers a full range of Softphones, IP Phones, and adapters. You can find a list here (http://www.arielhost.com/compatible_voip.php).

Phone Features:

Online recharging of calling credit - anytime day or night
Caller ID - The name and phone number will be shown when a call comes in.
Call waiting - A tone will sound if you are on the phone and another call comes in, allowing you to answer the new call.
Call transfer - Transfer an existing call to another phone number.
Repeat dial - Redial the number you dialed.
# Return call - Recall the number which just called you.
3-way calling - Allowing you to make a conference call between yourself and two other parties with a single phone line.
Message waiting indication - Indication of a voicemail message waiting for you.
Anonymous call blocking - Allows you to block incoming calls if they do not have a caller ID.
Distinctive ringing - You can setup different ring tones based on who is calling you.
Do Not Disturb - Allows you to make your phone ring busy for in coming calls.
Line unavailable forwarding - Lets you forward incoming calls to another number if your line is busy.
Multi-Ring - All phones programmed with the same phone number will ring. The first one you pick up will take the call.
Speed dial - You can setup short codes to dial frequently called numbers.
Pinless Dialing - Our FREE Pinless Dialing feature lets you make calls from the phones you use the most without the need to enter your 12 digit PIN Number. Simply register your home, work, or cell numbers (or any numbers where you frequently call from) and you will no longer be prompted for your Account Number and PIN when calling from these locations. Enter a description and a phone number and click add. You can add as many numbers as you like. Once you have added a number, simply dial a calling card gateway, wait for the dial tone, then dial the number you wish to call.
Calling Card Gateways - Call anywhere in the world from any phone in the world and use your ArielHost VoIP (http://www.arielhost.com/voip.php) plan by calling an Area Code Calling Card Portal.

Calling Plans

$20/month with unlimited calling in North America or UK
$25/month with unlimited calling in North America or UK + Incoming Phone Number (available area codes in 36 states; UK incoming numbers also available)

$55/month with unlimited calling in North America
$60/month with unlimited calling in North America + Toll Free US Phone Number

Other Plans:
We also offer pay as you go calling plans (based on our low international rates), International Unlimited calling plans, and enterprise calling plans.

More Information: http://www.arielhost.com/voip.php