View Full Version : Is there an Appeal process

09-21-2011, 06:06 PM
I have had a bunch domains placed into "pending delete for contract violation" by a reseller.

The contract violation consists of trying to transfer my domains to a different registrar, which under the terms of service, which I foolishly did not read, is in fact considered a breach of contract.

In fact, the only way to effect a transfer is to complete a form for a domain and click on an agreement checkbox that says "I agree that I am breaking my contract with XYZ reseller."

All of the domains are fully paid, and the reseller just took $1,000 from me to increase my credit against renewals due in September.

Regardless the details, is it really the case that resellers have the absolute power to destroy domain ownership, some of which have been owned by me for more than a decade and some of which have been prepaid for 5 years into the future.

ICANN simply refers me to the Accredited Registrar who refers me back to their agent, the reseller.

Is there anyway at all to halt this five day -- now four day path to the end of my ownership of my domains?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. I am in big trouble here and can find no one who can help.