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07-22-2006, 01:31 AM
If you would like to have hosting on a fast, non-crowded, and secure server I have some of the best deals on the net now. Direct Admin (http://directadmin.com/) control panel with all features like spam assasin, phpmyadmin, awstats, Installatron scripts installer (http://installatron.com/), email forwarders, auto-responders, and more.
I am only going to be hosting few more sites on this server as I do not want it to be crowded. Our server is a pentium 4 2.8ghz, 512mb ram, CentOs operating system, mod_security with updated and tested rules, dos and socket flood protection, and more. I monitor the server closely to make sure every one's site is up and safe. I provide a good hosting service and will work closely and in timely response for all your needs, here are my packages:

Shared Hosting Plans

Basic Webhosting Plan
1000 mb space
5000 mb transfer
host up to 2 domains
40 subdomains
50 email accounts
30 databases
More of any feature upon request
$3.00 Monthly!

Standard Web Hosting
2500 mb space
10000 transfer
host up to 5 domains
100 subdomains
125 email accounts
75 databases
More of any feature upon request
$5.00 Monthly!

Advanced Web Hosting
5000 mb space
20000 transfer
host up to 10 domains
300 subdomains
300 email accounts
200 databases
More of any feature upon request
$10.00 Monthly!

Reseller Accounts

Reseller 1
4000 mb space
15000 transfer
host up to 40 domains
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited databases
$10.00 Monthly!

Reseller 2
10000 mb space
40000 mb bandwidth
Unlimited features
$25.00 Monthly!

Reseller 3
20000 mb space
75000 mb bandwidth
Unlimited features
Dedicated Ip Address
(each additional ip $3 monthly)
$35.00 Monthly!

I also offer shell accounts for IRCD, eggdrop, psybnc, teamspeak, ventrillo, and any other legal and non resource hogging scripts.

Go to http://felosi-inc.net to sign up or contact me or I can be reached for questions at sales@felosi-inc.net email, msn messenger jon__felosi@hotmail.com, and yahoo messenger jon_felosi.fm880