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07-25-2006, 09:24 AM
1) Open your Cpanel.
2) Click on the option ‘Hotlink Protection’ in the home page of the Cpanel.
3) Enter any other addresses that you will allow to access your site other than the provided defaults in the central area.
4) Enter the protected extensions in the ‘allow extensions’ field like (.jpg, .gif, .png) and make sure that all the extensions are separated by comma.
5) In the redirect filed, enter the URL you would like redirect any hotlinking.
6) Check the option ‘Allow direct requests’ if you want to allow
direct URL access to non-HTML files, such as images.
7) Click on the button ‘Activate’

Herewith, your site is prevented from hotlinking.

By activating the hotlink in the Cpanel can give below benefits:

You can prevent other sites from linking your site files in their site.

Prevents others from using your site bandwidth.

In brief, when someone gives the direct URL of any file of your site in his site, the consequence will be whenever the site of the culprit is accessed; the file which he has specified in his URL will also be accessed, eventually increasing the bandwidth of your site. Hence, you will have to pay for the bandwidth used by the others.

08-15-2006, 02:48 PM
This helps in saving a lotta b/w in case of Storage Servers