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10-24-2006, 04:10 PM
For those of you who might be interested in a new tiny server system, there's something the company I work for put together. They're callin it Cell X86.

Its basically a pizza box sized server ideal for hosting client’s web sites while maintaining smooth data flow on a down to earth budget.

Small stackable 1U server roughly 1.7” x 16.8”, weighing 16lb, with optional 2x 80GB hard drives, or 1x 80GB hard drive coupled with a slim Panasonic floppy drive and a TEAC Slim 24x cd rom drive.

The motherboard’s architecture of 800MHz FSB, AGP 8x, Dual Channel DDR 400 and Intel® Extreme Graphics Engine 2 provide a solid framework for any task. Serial ATA functions, superior I/O performance and data protection, support for the LGA 775 Pentium 4, FSB Pentium 4 HT, and Celeron D, this machine can seriously pull its own weight among big boy servers.

Best part, the system comes with Xpress Recovery2, which basically allows your system to backup or restore data through the bios, enabling you to easily recover from serious data loss.

This thing can run both Linux and Windows Server 2003, and goes for about $399/ 318 Euro.

Any thoughts on the system?
Anything out there that might be better?
Let me know, cheers.

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