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11-27-2006, 05:55 AM
TheByteShack.com Is Very Pleased To Introduce ResellerXtreme!

ResellerXtreme is designed to be a complete solution for companies of all sizes that wish to offer Virtual Private Servers to their clients. Virtual Private Servers are quickly replacing the traditional shared hosting 'reseller' account, allowing the reseller client more flexibility regarding control panel usage, settings and the highly coveted 'root' access capabilities.

Many Web-Hosting companies have been apprehensive towards making the leap to include VPS offerings. The #1 most common reason for this is the unfamiliarity of Company owners or employees with the VPS software and inability to support the various technical aspects of the VPS server.

We have virtually Eliminated this problem for *All* businesses that subscribe to our ResellerXtreme Managed package! All ResellerXtreme Managed packages include Unlimited support hours for all of your VPS needs: Setup, Software installs, DNS & Apache issues - You name it, we fix it! For a complete solution, you can also opt for our Remote Backup services add-on to ensure that your client's data is 100% safe.

All services are backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 5 minute emergency response SLA, 100% hardware repair warranty, Premium Quality Bandwidth (Abovenet, Verio, Internap and SAVVIS), and TRUE 24/7 Technical support.

Pricing Details:

ResellerXtreme Basic

*OpenVZ with HyperVM Panel
*Dual Core Intel 3.0ghz (2x 3.0ghz)
*250GB HD, Mirrored (Raid 1)
*10Mbit Unmetered or 2TB burstable to 100Mbit

Setup Fee - $100
Unmanaged Price - $349.95
Managed Price - $499.95 - https://secure.bytefortress.net/secure_signup/bs/order.html?plan_id=416

(For a limited time, receive a FREE Bytefortress Backup2Go account (a $125 value!)

ResellerXtreme Professional

*OpenVZ with HyperVM Panel
*AMD Opteron (8x 2.0ghz) OR Dual Processor Quad core Xeon Clovertown (8x 1.86ghz)
*SATA-II RAID 5 Array, 1.5TB Avail.
*10Mbit Unmetered or 2TB burstable to 100Mbit

Setup Fee - $200
Unmanaged Price - $849.95 - https://secure.bytefortress.net/secure_signup/bs/order.html?plan_id=417
Managed Price - $949.95 - https://secure.bytefortress.net/secure_signup/bs/order.html?plan_id=418
Managed w/ Remote Backups Price - $1099.95 - https://secure.bytefortress.net/secure_signup/bs/order.html?plan_id=419

Frequently asked questions regarding our ResellerXtreme Offerings:

Q- What is the average turn-around time from my initial order to server delivery?

A- We ask our customers to please allow 48 hours for delivery of all Unmanaged orders, and 72 hours for delivery and setup of all Managed services. Managed service requires additional time to implement our full Audit process which includes a full Security Analysis and customization to your specifications. Any special request may be subject to additional time to complete

Q- These prices are expensive! How will I make any profit from this??

A- Easy! The average market price for VPS servers is approx. $60 per VPS server. Using this pricing average, you would make approx. $700 profit from each Basic VPS server with Management, or up to approx. $5000.00 PROFIT from the Professional server with management!!! This is after counting in the expense of your server, bandwidth, VPS panel AND management! All that you need to do is sit back, answer emails and accept your customer's money!! If you would like someone else to handle your customer support, we also offer inexpensive Fully USA Based end-user support, providing you a Complete out-of-the-box solution with HIGH profit margin!!

Q- What is the default setup for ResellerXtreme servers?

A- ResellerXtreme servers come installed with OpenVZ, the HyperVM VPS control panel which allows for easy creation and administration of VPS servers. In addition, the Managed ResellerXtreme servers include many tools and programs, including our custom TBS firewall, load monitoring, access monitoring, a full Security audit, and more. We will install almost any program that is requested, so please don't hesitate to ask!

Q- What about hosting control panels? What do I do if my customer wants a control panel such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, HSphere, etc?

A- Pricing does not include any hosting control panel. We offer both cPanel and Plesk control panels for VPS servers. The reseller pricing on cPanel for VPS is $13 for plain cPanel, and $16 for cPanel + RVSkin and Fantastico. The pricing for Plesk 8.0 for VPS is $13 for the 100domain w/Power Pack option. You can either absorb this cost into the pricing of your VPS server, or charge the customer according to which option they wish to user, adjusting the pricing to your desired profit margin.