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06-07-2012, 04:53 AM
Exabytes.COM (http://www.exabytes.com/) - Security Socket Certificates

With GeoTrust SSL certificates you can start conducting secure online transactions with confidence, quickly and cost-effectively. All of our SSL certificates enable up to 256-bit encryption and can be used to secure servers used for Web sites, intranets, extranets and other online applications.
If you are running e-commerce transaction or you have a web site that request for customers private & confidential information, it is strongly recommended that you installed SSL to your site. In other words, to be a responsible web site owner, you shall have a SSL certificate in order to protect your customers info to be tapped or stolen via Internet.

Digital Certificate
A digital certificate is an electronic “credit card” that establishes your credentials when doing business or other transactions on the Web. The certificate is issued by a certification authority (CA). It contains your name, a serial number, expiration dates, a copy of the certificate holder’s public key (used for encrypting messages and digital signatures), and the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority so that a recipient can verify that the certificate is real. Digital certificates can be kept in registries so that authenticating users can look up other users’ public keys.

Secure Socket Layer
The SSL protocol is the web standard for encrypting communications between users and web sites. Data sent via an SSL connection is protected by encryption, a mechanism that prevents eavesdropping and tampering with any transmitted data. SSL provides businesses and consumers with the confidence that private data sent to a web site, such as credit card numbers, are kept confidential. Web server certificates are required to initialize an SSL session.


GeoTrust Quick SSL
- Cost - effective authentication solution, offering 256-bit encryption and 99%+ browser compatitbility.

1 Year @ $89.00
2 Year @ $169.00

Setup Fee: $25.00 (one time)

GeoTrust Quick SSL Premium
- Combination of QuickSSL authentication with a True Site security seal that offers a live date/time stamp.

1 Year @ $125.00
2 Year @ $239.00

Setup Fee: $25.00 (one time)

GeoTrust True Business ID
- Combination of QuickSSL Premium Certificate with a True Site security seal that offers a live date/time stamp.

1 Year @ $149.00
2 Year @ $289.00

Setup Fee: $25.00 (one time)

GeoTrust EV SSL
- EV SSL ceritificates help protect your site from phishing scams and assure your customers that they are dealing with a business or organizations that has been thoroughly checked out using the New EV standard.

1 Year @ $899,00
2 Year @ $1699.00

Setup Fee: $25.00 (one time)