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08-30-2012, 06:14 AM
What ever your budget is, AXELARIS-Hosting (http://www.axelaris-hosting.com) offers you four Virtual Private Servers (http://www.axelaris-hosting.com/vps-hosting) (VPS) cost-effective and low cost plans to satisfy your power and computing demands as well as your budget: see plans : http://www.axelaris-hosting.com/vps-hosting

The Basic VPS Plan is cheap and low cost plan/ suitable for web hosting with low traffic applications
The Premium VPS Plan is a convenient for mid-traffic web usage.
The Power VPS Plan is one of the most advanced plans for business use.
The Ultimate VPS Plan fits power and great Web Applications needing high resources and requiring high traffic.

AXELARIS Hosting gives the possibility to customize your VPS with the Custom VPS plan offering up to 24GB RAM, 8Core and 1000GB Disk Space.
All our VPS plans are provided with unlimited Bandwidth / Traffic with a competitive and low costs.


AXELARIS Hosting provides Hosting solutions with Unlimited Bandwidth / Traffic. Thus you can take full Advantage with your Hosting Solution without any inbound and outbound Traffic Restriction.


The Support Team is available 24/7/365 to solve any issue and any technical problem concerning your Hosting Solution by submitting a ticket via Email or via our Live Chat.


AXELARIS Hosting guaranteed a high level of security through Firewalls, IDS's, honey pots and a 24/24 Monitoring system of your hosted solutions to avoid any intrusion


Thanks to the Experience of AXELARIS Hosting, your VPS Hosting solution is delivered with a high availability of 99,9% uptime via Hardware redundancy, servers clustering,...

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