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02-12-2007, 07:05 AM
Yes people. The time has come! ServerSupportGuys.com now offers PER TICKET End User Support!!!!

Not interested in the unlimited ticket scene? Can't necessitate it into your budget? Thats ok! At our per ticket blocks you'll find amazing versatility.
Try it out and let ServerSupportGuys.com be your #1 Server Management and End User Support Provider!!

*30 tickets per month - $100.00
- Add Live Chat $50.00

*50 tickets per month - $150.00
- Add Live Chat $100.00

*100 tickets per month - $200.00
- Add Live Chat $150.00

*250 tickets per month - $350.00
- Add Live Chat $200.00

Interested? Contact sales@serversupportguys.com and give us the package you're interested in. We'll have you setup right away!!

*Includes support for up to 2 servers. Each Additional server add $25.00 per month.

- For larger support volumes, please contact us for a custom quote.

We're here 24/x7x365 so stop on by. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have before you hop aboard. Each and every ticket we answer is with
precision and industry leading expertise. If you're looking for the most reliable, polite, knowledge and caring team within the industry today, stop at ServerSupportGuys.com, we have you covered.

Send all questions you might have to: sales@serversupportguys.com
OR you may call us any time at 866-377-2983 and we'll be happy to answer your calls as well.