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03-09-2007, 10:57 PM
ZipServers offers SUPERIOR managed services and features:
x 1-Hour Managed Services/mo on SAVVIS & 2-Hours Managed Services/mo on duoZ Servers!
x 24 x 7 x 365 Technical Support on ALL servers (techs on duty 24-hours a day)
x Disaster Protection Insurance available against hackers and DDOS attacks!**
x Earn ZipRewards good towards Hosting credits!
x PayPal, Visa, AMEX, Discover and Mastercard happily accepted

x 2 GB RAM FREE (1 GB normally)
x FREE 100MBPS Port Upgrade (10 MBPS normally)
x FREE IP Upgrade - 8 IP's Included! (4 IP's normally)
x 250 GB SATA Hard Drive
x 2 Hours Managed Services!
x 2,000 GB Premium Public Bandwidth & UNLIMITED Private Bandwidth
x FREE Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS or Windows 2003
x Remote Reboot
x $159/Month + $0 Quick Setup w/ Server LIVE within 2-4 hours after order approval!
ORDER: https://www.zipservers.com/duoZ-Opteron (https://www.zipsupport.com/billing/order/orderwiz.php?v=13&submit_domain=skip&aid=&c_code=&submit_package=package&type3_package=&type3_package=137)

AMD Barton 3000+ $79 SPECIAL!
x 80 GB SATA / 1 GB RAM / 1500 GB SAVVIS Bandwidth
ORDER: https://www.zipservers.com/Barton3000 (https://www.zipsupport.com/billing/order/orderwiz.php?v=7&submit_domain=skip&aid=&c_code=&submit_package=package&type3_package=&type3_package=83)

AMD 64 Athlon 3200 + FREE 100 MBPS
x 80 GB SATA / 1 GB RAM / 1500GB SAVVIS Bandwidth
x 100 MBPS uplink- $10 MONTH VALUE - FREE w/ WHT COUPON
x $89/Month + $0 Setup
SPECIAL OFFER: Receive a FREE 100MBPS Uplink Port. - simply select 100 MBPS upgrade on order form and type WHT in the coupon field.
ORDER: https://www.zipservers.com/AMD3200 (https://www.zipsupport.com/billing/order/orderwiz.php?v=7&submit_domain=skip&aid=&c_code=&submit_package=package&type3_package=&type3_package=75)

Intel 930D + FREE CPANEL!
x AMD 64 ATHLON 4200+ or Intel Pentium 930D (dual Core 3.0 Ghz)
x 80 GB SATA / 1 GB RAM / 1500 GB SAVVIS Bandwidth
x FREE cPanel w/WHM & Fantastico
x $139/Month + $0 Setup
ORDER AMD: https://www.zipservers.com/AMD4200+FREE-CPANEL (https://www.zipsupport.com/billing/order/orderwiz.php?v=9&submit_domain=skip&aid=&c_code=&submit_package=package&type3_package=&type3_package=134)
ORDER INTEL: https://www.zipservers.com/PentiumD+FREE-CPANEL (https://www.zipsupport.com/billing/order/orderwiz.php?v=9&submit_domain=skip&aid=&c_code=&submit_package=package&type3_package=&type3_package=133)

Don't see what you're looking for? Ask the ServerGenie (http://www.zipservers.com/genie.shtml) for a custom server you name the price on!

About us
ZipServers customers earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Customers earn credits towards free hosting, upgrades, and managed services. For more information on how we reward our customers visit ZipRewards at: http://www.zipservers.com/rewards.shtml (http://www.zipservers.com/rewards.shtml)

* Plesk, cPanel, Direct Admin, Red Hat Enterprise and Windows license fees apply. Full pricing on order forms for these options.
** Available at extra charge http://www.zipservers.com/managed_services.shtml (http://www.zipservers.com/managed_services.shtml)
*** Additional upgrades are available at: http://www.zipservers.com/upgrades.shtml (http://www.zipservers.com/upgrades.shtml)