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03-28-2007, 07:05 PM
Save 50% off the first month for all share hosting packages.

99.9% uptime, 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not happy with our service in the first 14 days you can have a full refund.

Email and ticketing support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
All support requests should be answered in 1-20 minutes.

Live Help - Monday-Friday 7:30 AM PST - 11 PM PST.

Budget Hosting
500 MB Storage
30 GB Transfer
2 Domains
12 E-mail Accounts
6 FTP Accounts
2 MYSQL Db's
Coupon: Save50-2
Web Hosting (https://www.mabushosting.net/modernbill/order/orderwiz.php?v=1) $10.00 - 1 Year Hosting

Basic Hosting- Free Domain, Second Month Free
5 GB Storage
60 GB Transfer
6 Domains
20 E-mail Accounts
12 FTP Accounts
6 MYSQL Db's
Coupon: Save50-3
Web Hosting (https://www.mabushosting.net/modernbill/order/orderwiz.php?v=1) $3.48 - Domain + 2 Months of Hosting

Advanced Hosting- Free Domain, Second Month Free
12 GB Storage
120 GB Transfer
20 Domains
40 E-mail Accounts
30 FTP Accounts
20 MYSQL Db's
Coupon: Save50-4
Web Hosting (https://www.mabushosting.net/modernbill/order/orderwiz.php?v=1) $8.48 – Domain + 2 Months of Hosting

Premium Hosting- Free Domain, Second Month Free
36 GB Storage
400 GB Transfer
90 Domains
120 E-mail
90 FTP Accounts
50 MYSQL Db's
Coupon: Save50-5
Web Hosting (https://www.mabushosting.net/modernbill/order/orderwiz.php?v=1) $15.98 – Domain + 2 Months of Hosting

What control panel do you use?
We use Direct Admin. You can access our demo account below.

Username: demo_user
Password: demo

What Version of Apache are you running?

What Version of MySQL/PHP do you have?
MySQL 4.1.19 / PHP 4.4.4

Do you offer easy script installs?
Yes, we offer over 50 easy install scripts for the convenience of all shared hosting clients.

Do you offer support for these scripts?
No, we do not offer technical support for the scripts. If you require technical support you will need to contact the help section of the scripts makers’ website.

What is the best way to contact support?
The best way to contact support would be through the ticketing system located in the billing account. It helps us keep a record of what is happening with each customer.

What is the support pin number?
It is a 4 digit pin number you create when making the account. This is only required when an informal support request is made through live help or an external email address. At this time the live help or ticketing representative will ask you for your support pin number prior to disclosing account information or making modifications.

Do you allow for multiple domains in the same account?
Yes, you can host multiple domains in the same hosting account. Each domain will receive it's own public_html and private_html directories.