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02-13-2013, 10:10 PM
VPS6.NET, LP - www.vps6.net (http://www.vps6.net) \\ sales@vps6.net

Shared - FAST Website Hosting. (http://vps6.net/vshared/web-hosting.php)

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website (vps6.net (http://www.vps6.net)) and client portal (my.vps6.net (https://my.vps6.net)), and invite you to join us in 2013!

VPS6.NET offers affordable, high quality web hosting designed for top speed and total reliability. Our host systems are designed to ensure top performance for your applications, and utilize advanced hosting technologies such as CloudLinux, LiteSpeed, and cPanel to deliver you the FASTEST web hosting possible.. We understand that uptime and reliability are critical to your success, and guarantee:

+ 99.99% Network Availability
+ 100% Hardware Availability

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CURRENT SPECIALS \\ Through Feb. 28 only!

Use code NEW2013HOST for 10% off PLUS Double Disk and Bandwidth on ANY hosting plan! (Please request extra resources by support ticket!)

FREE DOMAIN with all annual subscriptions.

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Shared Web Hosting (http://vps6.net/vshared/web-hosting.php) from $2.36/mo (with NEW2013HOST promo) - Instant Setup!

Our shared web hosting platform is designed to deliver maximum speed, security, and longevity for your websites. Shared hosting is all about top performance, and zero maintenance--get your website online, and relax while we handle the rest. See more Shared Hosting features. (http://vps6.net/vshared/web-hosting.php)

VS-MICRO \\ 1GB Storage \\ 100GB Bandwidth \\ 5 FTP, Email Accounts -- $23.96 /year -- More Information (http://vps6.net/vshared/web-hosting.php)
VS-5 \\ 5GB Storage \\ 300GB Bandwidth \\ 10 FTP, Email Accounts -- $39.96 /year -- More Information (http://vps6.net/vshared/web-hosting.php)
VS-10 \\ 10GB Storage \\ 600GB Bandwidth \\ 25 FTP, Email Accounts -- $63.96 /year -- More Information (http://vps6.net/vshared/web-hosting.php)
VS-25 \\ 25GB Storage \\ 1,000GB Bandwidth \\ 50 FTP, Email Accounts -- $119.96 /year -- More Information (http://vps6.net/vshared/web-hosting.php)
VS-50 \\ 50GB Storage \\ 2,00GB Bandwidth \\ 100 FTP, Email Accounts -- $199.96 /year -- More Information (http://vps6.net/vshared/web-hosting.php)

All Web hosting plans include a 30 Day Full Refund Guarantee!

Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit/debit Card, Google Checkout, Liberty Reserve, Payza, Moneybookers, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer.

Shared Web Hosting Features

+ cPanel Control Panel including All Features
+ Shell Access (Some packages)
+ Installatron Automatic Software Installer
+ LiteSpeed Web Server
+ Enhanced firewall + mod_security
+ CloudLinux Hosting Technology
+ Custom DNS Panel for Unlimited Domains

What makes us stand out from the rest?

SUPERIOR Hardware.

- Our host servers are optimized for the absolute best network and disk i/o.
- Enterprise-grade hardware means your websites will be online 24/7.

GUARANTEED Reliability.

- 99.99% Network Availability Guaranteed.
- 100% Hardware Availability Guaranteed.


- Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Miami, USA.
- Frankfurt, Germany and Bucharest, Istanbul.
- More coming soon!

For more information, email sales@vps6.net or find us on live chat at vps6.net (http://www.vps6.net). We look forward to serving you!