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12-20-2004, 10:49 PM
As a reseller for www.synergyblue.com (http://www.synergyblue.com), I am selling their servers at a discounted price. Any server you see on the site I can give you a discount just drop me a message!

Servers are located in Atlanta, GA. From the datacenter GNAX

Dual Xeons 3.06ghz
1gb ECC Ram
80gb IDE Hard Drive
2000gb Bandwidth (Total Usage)

$230 monthly

Dual Opterons 3.2ghz (1.6ghz at 64bit)
1gb ECC Ram
80gb IDE Hard Drive
2000gb Bandwidth (Total usage)

$230 monthly

The following upgrades are availible at a 1 time set-up fee:
Prices below are just quote from us, prices are negotiable if you are willing to buy a server.

Additional 512 megs ECC registered Ram $140
Additional 1 gig ECC registered Ram $290
Additional 256 mb ram $89
Additional 512 mb sdram $132

73 gig scsi additional drive $239

80 gig ide to 73 gig scsi upgrade $119
80 to 120 gig ide hd upgrade $40

Additional 40 gig IDE HD $69
Additional 80 gig IDE HD $109
Additional 120 gig IDE HD $149
Additional 200 gig IDE HD $210
Additional 250 gig IDE HD $240

These servers are managed by syndergyblue.com.
and suport will be from them too. These servers are only through me so please email me if you want one.

When you buy 2 of the server above you will recive the 3rd for a low price of $195!!
Offer ends on December 31st 11:59pm Eastern Time GMT -5

For more information please PM me or email me aznrex@gmail.com or aim n000bie01

12-20-2004, 10:51 PM
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