View Full Version : ClientExec & WHMCS Integrations! Starting at $15

04-14-2008, 10:02 PM

I'm launching a new company (spanish based) of billing and support script integration and configuration named HostModding (http://www.hostmodding.com).

In order to start making my portfolio a bit bigger I'm going to set this special offer:

WHMCS Default Integration - $15 (Example (http://hostmodding.com/images/krakenwhmcsdefault.gif))
WHMCS Portal Integration - $20 (Example (http://hostmodding.com/images/krakenwhmcsportal.gif))
ClientExec Sign Up Integration $20 (Example (https://clientes.krakenhost.com.ar/signup.php))
Kayako eSupport Integration $30 (Example (http://www.krakenhost.com.ar/soporte))
PHPAudit / WHMAP 3 Integration - $30 (Example (http://www.lemuriademos.com/billing))

With WHMCS I'm willing to do a basic CSS edit to match the font and rows colors to your site for free.

Other CSS edit (on WHMAP, ClientExec, Kayako eSupport and WHMCS) have a cost of $20.

Also custom icons and images have a cost of $30.

If you're interested or have another script that you want to integrate, please contact me at info@hostmodding.com

Payments through Paypal