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05-20-2008, 11:44 AM
Host The Best Offers Its Very Popular HTB Monitoring Script 4.7.5.

Ever thought of running your own highly profitable website monitoring and server uptime service just like Hyperspin.com, pingdom.com or Alertra.com for an incredible low startup cost?

Well, here’s your chance! HostTheBest’s popular software, HTB Monitoring Script, is a unique system that allows you to run your own web site monitoring service and explore a fairly untouched but has potential for many opportune.

HTB Monitoring is a ready to be deployed uptime monitoring solution, which allows you to offer free and paid membership services. It monitors your members' web site, POP3 email servers, ping, FTP protocols, and all custom ports 24/7.

Members can optionally signup to be notified by email whenever a downtime occurs. An integrated PayPal, 2Checkout, Linkpoint or Google system allows members to upgrade their accounts to enjoy premium web monitoring services.

To fully understand how your members will use your website monitoring service, please click here (http://www.htbsoftware.com/monitor) to run the demo now.

Wait no longer, start your own website monitoring business with HTB Monitoring script now for just $149.99 USD. If you order now you get a Free WinApp System Tray Add-on – a $39.99 value. It free once you order HTB Monitoring Script 4.7.5 today. This offer will not last for very long.

What is a WinApp System Tray Add-on?
Although HTB Monitoring remains powerful using any computer, some prefer a Windows version that sits in the system tray. HTB Monitor WinApp is a simple program that uses Although HTB Monitoring remains powerful using any computer; some prefer a Windows version that sits in the system tray. HTB Monitor WinApp is a simple program that uses to alert you when your site goes down or up.

Key Features:
Friendly and FAST installation
Task bar FLASH when down/up is made
System tray popup notify when down/up is made
Auto login option when launched

Click Here (http://www.htbsoftware.com/winapp.php)

To view all features on the script, demo, and order page, please click here (http://www.htbsoftware.com/forums.php).

We continue to develop and improve the HTB Monitoring system based on your feedback. Just drop by our forums to see the active community we have and the responsiveness to our users’ requests and suggestions.

Sale Price:
Owned License w/PSD: $149.99 USD Click Here (https://client.hostthebest.net/cart.php?a=add&pid=68)
The HTB Monitoring Owned License allows you to use the software for an indefinite period. You will receive free updates to the software for one year, and for a nominal fee of $69.99 per year you can subscribe to receive updates for another year.

Monthly License: $14.99 USD Click Here (https://client.hostthebest.net/cart.php?a=add&pid=105)
The Monthly license allows you to use the software on your site for 1 Month and gives you access to products updates for that month. After 1 month, you must renew your license or remove the software from your site.

Special Offer: The first 15 people who purchase this script will get $30.00 USD off the Sales Price. To get this $30 discount, you must use this discount code, MON, when you order. If you do not use this discount code when you order you will NOT get the $30 off. Please remember to use the discount when you order.

7-Day Free Trial! To ensure Monitoring Script is right for you and that your server meets the minimum requirements, try our 7 day free trial before purchasing by email us at sales (at) hostthebest.net

To obtain updates for an additional years go to Welcome To Our Private Label Branded Software! (http://htbsoftware.com). You will also get free PSD Files so you can edit the entire file.

1. Does HTB Monitoring re-test errors before sending out an alert (to prevent false alarms)?
Ans: Yes

2. Does HTB Monitoring measure and record (into the database) the response time of pages?
Ans: Yes

3. Can HTB Monitoring alert different email addresses / SMS numbers based on the length of down time?
Ans: Yes

4. Can HTB Monitoring search pages for a string to ensure they're displaying correctly?
Ans: Yes

5. Is HTB Monitoring scalable? Can it cope with large numbers of users? How many users has it been tested with? (Can you supply any statistics or evidence of good database design?)
Ans: It's fully scalable and can support large no of users. Though it depends upon the server specs, good servers can handle thousands of connections in parallel because monitor uses parallel threads.

6. Can this script monitor server ports such as ventrilo? (Numerous ports)
Ans: yes, it can monitor any tcp port.

7. Is our name on any part of the script?
Ans: No 100% Private Label

8. Checking from many destinations around the world?
Ans: Of course

Chat with us through live support or send in a ticket if you would like more information or go to Host The Best Customer Support (http://www.htbforums.com).

There you will find all your questions answered.

Thanks, and we at Host The Best look forward to being the provider of your company's piece of mind...and your Monitoring Service solution!!

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