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06-19-2013, 09:34 AM
Zonerhost 320 GBps Anti-DDoS solution release :: unmatched prices!

Zonerhost is a young and innovative company focusing on Website DDOS Protection services and Hosting with a personalized service working with you as a Trusted Anti-DDoS Partner.
Our infrastructure is built in the most popular, best-connected datacenters from Europe, USA and Asia. Our main location is in Bucharest and Frankfurt, where we have over 320Gbps DDoS Protection capabilities. We are a small team of highly skilled technical consultants specialists, with over 10 years hands on experience in hosting and Anti-DDoS Solutions and we always try to come up with the best solution and meet our clients expectations.

Protect your website against large attacks with ZONERHOST Website DDoS Protection through nginx reverse proxy without changing your current hosting, with only 29 EUR/month:

Nginx reverse proxy
Unlimited Attacks per Month
Unmetered traffic
Dedicated IPs: 1
Free setup
29 euro/month for your first website.
5 euro/month for each subsequent website.
Order link: http://zonerhost.com/en/dos-protecti...os-protection/

Build your own business with our DDOS Protected Servers!
There is NO LIMIT on reselling our solution to your clients and we will do everything we can to help, including special prices based on business volume.
Protect your server from DDoS, no matter if you are using it as a web server or as a game server!
Avoid service downtime and benefit from a truly affordable and unmatched price for massive protection!

No Contracts
No Hardware Investment
Best Price on the market
Fast & Smooth Setup
24 x 7 x 365 Support
Only Clean Legitimate Traffic
Unmetered traffic or both, VPS and dedicated servers
Full virtual server DDoS protection - only 79 euro/month
Full dedicated server 320 Gbps DDoS protection - only 299 euro/month
Order link: http://zonerhost.com/en/dos-protecti...os-protection/

The price seems too good to be true?
Test it! It's free!

Contact Us:
Sales: sales@zonerhost.com
Support: support@zonerhost.com
Phone: +40 (76)7 215 742