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10-13-2008, 12:29 AM
HostTheBest October Sale gives you a whopping 40% off any of the following products. From NOW until Oct 31st. Go to htbsoftware.com (http://www.htbsoftware.com), select any product, and enter special code, october, and you will automatically get 40% off list price.

Here on the products to choose from:

1- Script:
* HTB Monitoring Script 4.6
* HTB Online Storage 1.8.2
* HTB DB Manager 1.1
* HTB ResellWHM 2.1
HTB eMail Sender 1.0
HTB Image Host 1.0 (Pre-Order Only Contact Us About The Price)

* All these script come with 7 day trial you can try before you make purchase.

2. Branded Software:
* HTB Popup Blocker 1.0
* HTB IE Blaster 1.0
* HTB WebBrowser 1.0
* HTB Toolbar Builder 2.0
HTB MyIP 1.0
HTB eMailer Protector 1.0
HTB Link Status 1.0

* All these software come with demo you can try before you make purchase.

3. Branding Tool Software:
HTB Popup Blocker 1.0
HTB I.E. Blaster 1.0
HTB WebBrowser 1.1
HTB Toolbar Builder 2.0
HTB Article Submitter 1.0

Do missing this great October deal. Remember to put october on any of the orders listed on the forums.

To view all features on the script, demos, and order page, please click here (http://www.htbsoftware.com).

We continue to develop and improve the HTB Scripts/Software based on your feedback. Just drop by our forums to see the active community we have and the responsiveness to our users' requests and suggestions.

Chat with us through live support, or send in a ticket, or if you would like more information, go to www.htbforums.com.

We accept all major credit cards through 2CO as well as PayPal.


1. Can I get a refund on the software/script?
Ans: Unfortunately, because of the nature of our products and because we can NOT ensure that you will not erase our software, scripts or templates from your computer, we can NOT issue any refunds after a purchase has been made. If product has not been delivered yet then we will issue a refund. NO exceptions!

2. How long it take to delivery the software?
ANS: Usual delivery time is 1 to 2 days once payment has been received as well as all the information needed to rebrand your software.

3. I would like to add some features to one of your existing brandable programs. Is this possible?
ANS: Yes. We are happy to add features to existing programs.

4. Do you host the software on your website?
Ans: Only until you have downloaded it. Afterwards, you will need to host the software on your own website. We generally remove your software from our servers after 3 days to conserve space.

There you will find all your questions answered.