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The title tag is critical. Itís important not to overcomplicate your design and technical approach with things such as Flash, Java, frames and dynamically built websites.

The title tag is critical
The title tag is the single most important piece of content for people who search.

1. Keep it short: Donít have more than 60 characters (with spaces), which is roughly 8-10 words.
2. Lead with the most important careword for that particular page. Always start off with what is specific about the page and move to what is general. Many websites begin their title with their brand or organization name, and then follow with what is unique about the page. (This is a very common mistake, so check out your website.)

The description tag is recommended
The description tag is not nearly as important as the title. However, it does have some value. Write it as a summary and keep it under thirty words. It should be written in a compelling, clear manner.

Light pages, and lean, quality HTML
The less HTML code you have, the better, as it makes it easier and faster for the search engine to index your page. Aim for a total page weight of 50 KB for any page (thatís including graphics). Certainly, anything over 100 KB is going to be slow, and some search engines donít like pages that are over 100 KB.

Have a site map/index
People like site maps/indexes, and so do search engines. Make sure that the site map is available from the homepage, that it is presented in a text-based format, and that it is kept up to date.

Avoid Flash
Iíve nothing against Flash design except for the fact that I generally detest it. Itís such a waste of time; fourth rate TV advertising by people who will never get the chance to do a real TV ad. Search engines donít like Flash either, and find it very hard to index Flash-based pages.

Build your website in static HTML
You donít need a ďdynamicĒ website unless you have dynamic content, such as airline seat availability and pricing which needs to be dynamically published from a database because it constantly changes. You may store your website in a database but youíre better off publishing it as a static HTML website. Itís cheaper, the pages will download faster, and search engines will find it easier to comprehensively index your website.

Avoid PDFs
One of the sure signs of a badly managed website is that it has lots of PDFs. Publishing content in PDF is usually a shortcut. Search engines have got better at indexing PDFs but it is still recommended that you publish a heading and summary in HTML.

Avoid frames
Frames are a very bad idea.

Watch your JavaScript
Any links that you have in JavaScript should also be published in HTML, otherwise the search engine wonít be able to follow those links. Rollovers are cool but they cause nothing but problems, so unless you have a brilliant technical team, avoid them.

Alternative text
As a rule you should have alternative text for every single image. However, the only alternative text that search engines recognize is for those images that are linked. Make sure you use descriptive, careword-rich text.

Keyword tags
Over the years, some websites tried to trick search engines by stuffing keyword tags with lots of popular words. Because of this, most search engines give very little value to keyword tags

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The tips were good and I do agree with the Title and description tags. The other thing though is that you can't forget that keyword tag is still good. Its just that you don't want to many of them nor do you want to little.

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Best Tips in SEO:
1 Create Amazing Content: you were producing something amazing, the world would be beating down your door trying to get to it.
2 Link to Amazing Content: point your users toward resources on other websites that will be helpful for them. It shows security as a thought leader in your niche when youíre willing to suggest to your readers that they leave your site.
3 Sprinkle Your Keywords Throughout Your Articles: The term keyword refers to the word or phrase that you hope to be listed for on Google search. Once you've identified a term that youíd like to be listed for, be sure to use that term a few times throughout your article.
4 Use Your Keyword in the Title: keyword in the title if youíre able to make it sound fun, exciting and engaging to your readers. You donít have to sacrifice your quality to implement this
5 Enable Trackbacks:Allow links to be created in your comments section to anyone who links to your articles. With them enabled, itís a great way to encourage people to link to you which in turn will help to build your siteís authority.
6 Optimize Images In Your Posts:be sure to use image titles and alt text that adequately describe both the image and the content of the article.
7 Refine your Websiteís Page-to-Page Connectivity:By interlinking your site so that relevant pages connect to one another, youíll find that even the less visited branches of your website will see more traffic. As a result, you can expect your website to have better domain authority and, as a result, a higher place among the search engine rankings.
8 Keep your Keywords Dynamic:Search trends change as much as social ones do, so thereís never a guarantee that one term will consistently prove fruitful. Always be on the lookout for other applicable keywords that may bring traffic to your website.
9 Go Where the Competition Isn't: Increasing your companyís web traffic and domain authority is only the first step in your SEO campaign. While some SEO agencies may focus entirely on getting potential customers to your site, giving users a reason to stay on your website is going to be vitally important.
10 Consider Pay-Per-Click as a Way to Create Site Traffic:the service that PPC companies provide may not be as attractive as the long term solutions of most SEO practices, that doesn't mean they aren't useful. PPC advertisements have been a decent way to drive site traffic volume for over a decade. Should you feel your monthly analytic aren't showing the numbers you want to see, consider supplementing them with PPC work.