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04-25-2009, 11:09 PM
Host The Best is offering the very popular HTB Online Storage 3.0.1. You can run your own Online/Backup Service, just like carbonite, and make all the profits for yourself. Why join a Storage reseller company and make little money while if you have this script you can make all the profits for your company and at the same time have full control of the script. You run this script on your own server. The price is $199.99 per license. You may try it FREE for 7 days. If you like it after 7 days you may then purchase it. Then you can get the full version of the script.

To fully understand how your members will use your website Online/Backup service, please click here (http://www.htbsoftware.com/storage.php) to run the demo now.

Wait no longer, start your own website Online/Backup Business with HTB Online Storage now starting at just $199.99 USD.

To view all features on the script demo and order page, please click here (http://www.htbsoftware.com/storage_feature.php).

We continue to develop and improve the HTB Online Storage system based on your feedback. Just drop by our forums to see the active community we have and the responsiveness to our userís requests and suggestions.

The next ten (10) people who purchase this script will get $20.00 USD off the Sales Price. To get this $20 discount, you must use this discount code, storage, when you order. If you do not use this discount code when you order you will NOT get the $20 off. Please remember to use the discount when you order.

To order Click Here (https://client.hostthebest.net/cart.php?a=add&pid=15)

We accept all major credit cards through 2CO as well as PayPal.

Chat with us through live support or send in a ticket if you would like more information or go to www.htbforums.com

There you will find all your questions answered.

Thanks, and we at Host The Best look forward to being the provider of your company's piece of mind...and your Online Storage Service solution!!