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05-05-2009, 12:12 PM
Well it has been 3 months, working with singlehop.com on one of my servers and I have to say I am really disappointed.

When I first looked them up they had pretty good reviews. After moving one of my servers over to them they started experiencing network issues. They had constant downtime, ddos attacks etc... that lasted about 2 months. They did get things worked out finally but then just in time for my server to start crapping out with them.

The server I had with them had issues from the beginning and I thought it was just me. I have managed servers for over 9 years - and was puzzled. I actually had to have Cpanel developers logging in once a week to help fix issues. First it was just small things, Webmail not sending email, AWSTATS Failing to generate daily, then PHP not compiling correctly, YUM failing, and on and on.

Now, I get hard drive possible failure notices, possible they are false positive - but still. Then last Thursday the server crashes hard, no reason - no error messages, logs are good etc... Few days later, Crashes again same time of the day. Logs are looking good no reason. So then same day the server hoses up read only. I get Single Hop in there and they are looking and monitoring and come back saying - nothing wrong with the server dont know why you are having issues. But if you want to pay for monitoring then we can do that for you.

There is more to this, that is just a summery.
Im not pleased with this company at all, and do not recommend them.

05-20-2009, 10:21 AM
SingleHop, Inc., is a full service managed dedicated hosting provider that was founded on the principal of providing reliable, cost-effective dedicated services. The company was founded by Zak Boca, who along with Dan Ushman started midPhase Services, Inc., which today is a leading shared web managed hosting company that services over 75,000 websites. SingleHop and midPhase maintain entirely separate support teams and operations; however, customers will be able to take advantage of the combined buying power of midPhase, which results in an overall savings on top of the line hardware, and bandwidth..........