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  1. Lead The Field In Online Security With GoDaddy SSL For WHMCS!

    1. SSL is essential for providing privacy, security and data integrity for both your websites and your users' personal information.

    Today, much to our delight, we deliver to you a spanking new...
  2. Emoji Picker For WHMCS The Future Of Business Communication Is Here!

    1. There is only one thing your customers crave as strongly as a prompt response when reaching out to your customer service team for help. They want to feel like they are talking to a human being who...
  3. Maintain Brilliant Customer Contact Via SMS Center For WHMCS 3.0!

    1. Modern businesses employ a series of new technologies to spread their messages among clients. Looking for your own perfect communication channel? You have just found it!

    Our newly rolled out...
  4. Brace yourself for a deluxe update boost from ModulesGarden!

    1. The most unique Affiliate Promotion you simply cannot miss

    Are you seeking for a reliable Affiliate Partner who will provide you not only with flexibility of advertising options but...
  5. Tame the progress with new Unban Center For WHMCS 2.0!

    1. Spring never fails to supply us with a powerful impetus to reach new heights of software quality. This week we are proudly returning to you with our newest brainchild - Unban Center For WHMCS 2.0...
  6. Rolling out the big guns new cPanel Extended For WHMCS 3.2.0 in action!

    1. On this sunny time of the year ModulesGarden team wishes every single person from all around the world a blessed Easter! Let your holiday sparkle with tranquility, gladness, and renewed strength...
  7. Set the web hosting world on fire with your business!

    Are you fed up with browsing dozens of review websites in pursuit of top-quality software for your web hosting business?

    ModulesGarden will put an end to this bothersome searching once and for...
  8. Splash into spring with Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS 3.1.0!

    1. Summon the spirit of spring with our vibrant promotion! The window of opportunity to save 15% on every single product included in our unique and rich offering will be open for you from this day...
  9. Advanced Billing For WHMCS 3.3.0 - Your Inerrant Billing Instrument!

    1. Did you know that one of our bestselling modules turned twice as inviting only a short while ago? Roll out the red carpet for Advanced Billing For WHMCS 3.3.0 bolstered with added support for...
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    The guys are right - colocation is probably the...

    The guys are right - colocation is probably the best alternative if you are looking for a quick, but also long-term way to cut business costs. Top data security, room for your business′s growth (you...
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    We have described several general rules of thumb...

    We have described several general rules of thumb about defending against DDoS attacks on our Blog. Take a look, they will hopefully help you mitigate the risk of being attacked in the future.
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    Are you still looking for assistance in that...

    Are you still looking for assistance in that matter? If yes, please let us know the type of account you use while logging in to a SFTP server. Once you provide more details, we will try to help you.
  13. Customized Software That Fits Your Business Like A Glove!

    The minute you put on a tailor-made suit, you are sure to never get another one off the rack again.

    The very same rule applies to your business software.
    Customized software emerges as a great...
  14. We live in a commercial reality where a product...

    We live in a commercial reality where a product has to reach a client, not the other way around. A customer-centric approach serves a crucial role in ensuring business growth. Installing a CRM...
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