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    Premium Domains

    Once you don't renew your domain in the defined time period and it is listed in premium domains. Is it possible to purchase the same domain at previous price

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    It's difficult to definitively answer your question due to the fact that there are over 1000 TLD's, each with their own pricing rules. To give you the gist, the registry that provides the TLD sets the rules about how much registrars like GoDaddy can charge to register domains. Some TLD's set higher prices than others (for instance, a .CAR domain is usually more expensive than a .COM domain).

    When the person you chatted with said it is "unlikely to happen" that is because domain prices are generally stable. Over time the price increases like any other product or service you purchase. As an example, .COM domains used to be $13-14/yr a few years ago. Now they're $15/yr.

    Prices generally don't change often, however obviously there are no guarantees they won't. If you want to guarantee a price then you would need to register your domain for a longer period of time to "lock in" today's prices. I hope this helped.

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    I believe there is a redemption fee involved once a domain name expires, but mainly it depends on the domain extension and the registry rules.
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    Annual fees creep up on you over time and often you can be stuck with a registra where the first year is cheap and the following years are considerably higher.

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