Paid Forum Posting, the premier forum posting company online since 2005, is under new ownership. To celebrate we have a brand new website and are offering new services for our clients. In addition to forum posting packages we also offer article writing and SEO services, social media management, resume writing services, proof reading and editing packages, and virtual assistant services. All of our writers are strictly vetted English grammar professionals.*****

Forum Posting*****

Trying to get a new forum off of the ground or noticing that traffic has slowed down on your existing forum? Allow the professionals at Paid Forum Posting to come in and get the traffic flowing. All forum posts are guaranteed original content and a minimum of 25 words. Our forum posters will interact with your existing members or create new topics to get a conversation started on your forum. We offer a variety of forum posting packages so check us out and see what we can do for you!

Article Writing and SEO Services*****

In need of fresh content for your website or blog, but having a hard time creating it? Let us do it for you! We have a team of writers who are knowledgeable on many topics that are just itching to write for you. All content is guaranteed original and is solely your property upon completion. We offer both standard article packages and SEO packages if you are looking to boost your search engine ratings.*****

Social Media Management*****

Staying relevant and active on social media is imperative in this technology driven world, but keeping up with all of those platforms is time consuming and can keep you from other important tasks. We offer social media management packages*****for all of the major social media platforms. We will make relevant posts for you, interact with your followers, and delete any spam or inappropriate content all while keeping your social media accounts active.*****

Resume Writing Services*****

Looking for and applying for jobs today is almost always done online. Let us help boost your resume to get you noticed and have those interviews rolling in. Resume services come with an in depth consultation so that your resume writer knows exactly what you are hoping to accomplish. These services also come with up to three edits to make sure you are satisfied with the final result.*****

Proof reading and Editing Services*****

We now offer proof reading and editing services! Have a term paper that needs to be reviewed? Are you writing the next great novel? No matter what your content we have editors and proof readers ready to professionally review our document word by word. Upon completion you will be presented with a clean final draft, and a copy highlighting the changes that were made.*****

Virtual Assistance Services*****

Paid Forum Posting also offers virtual assistant services. Everyone needs a hand sometimes so whether you need a virtual assistant on a permanent basis or just need one for an hour or two we have a package for you. Our virtual assistants are available to return emails, listen to phone messages, type up meeting minutes, and complete any other clerical tasks that you need to have done. All virtual assistant packages come with a project manager to ensure that all tasks are completed satisfactorily and efficiently.*****

We are excited to offer all of these services to our clients and we cant wait to show off our new website. We have special offers and discounts to celebrate so come check us out today!