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    How Reseller is different from dedicated hosting?

    Can you tell me the difference between reseller and dedicated and which is the best one to choose for large scale business?

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    With Dedicated hosting you have an entire server. With reseller hosting you are sharing a server with lots of other re sellers.

    Who Should Choose - Reseller or Dedicated Server

    Reseller Hosting is great for start-ups. Anyone who do not understand server management & wants to save energy beyond your server, Reseller hosting is an ideal choice.

    Dedicated server is the best for people/organizations who need control over their server. People who have flourished in their business & understand the pros & cons underlying server management, must go for dedicated servers.

    Lastly, it is very important to choose a reliable and reputable web hosting provider, since on both the services whether reseller hosting or dedicated server, your service provider can really get on your nerve through bad support or sales services.

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    If you are new to the hosting filed and you would like to manage your customers by third party then you can have the reseller service. Your client will feel that you have your server and managing it by yourself. Reseller service provides you the platform for selling the shared hosting services to your clients or when you would like to host multiple accounts with their separate panel on the same server then you can have the reseller service. Under it, you can create your own packages and can assign them to your accounts as per the requirement of the account.

    As reseller -

    1. You should able to create, edit, remove the reseller hosting sub-accounts from the WHM.
    2. You should have rights to create the packages for your reselller service as per you need.
    3. You should able to modify the packages when needed.
    4. You should have access for adding the DNS records such as A record, TXT record, MX records.
    5. You should be permitted to set the email account limits.
    6. You should have access to white-list and blacklist the email accounts from the cPanel.
    7. You should have access to check the email logsof the email accounts , error logs of the sites.

    Dedicated server is your own server which is act as your computer on which you can host the multiple sites, install applications and related services on it. You can built your own security alters and firewall on the dedicated server. You will have your own set of bandwidth, hard-disk and resources. You can rent the disk space, bandwidth, resources on the dedicated server.

    You will have the root access of the server as it's your own server.

    I would suggest, study the market online. Please go trough the review section of the website and after that proceed further. You can compare all the plans and go with the best suitable plan. Most of the company provide the on query charge for the dedicated server issues so make sure what type of support is available.

    Make sure if they are going to setup your server or you need to setup it by your own.
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    You can rely on and their ssd reseller hosting deals. Use the code: 50OFF16 for 50% off their first month.
    I'm happy to deal with this web host and can highly recommend it to other webmasters.

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    Reseller Hosting:

    If you are a new business owner who does not know how to manage a dedicated server, then you should choose a reseller hosting account. If you are not proficient on server management, managing a dedicated server takes time. Manages the server with a reseller hosting our team of experts on which your web sites are hosted. A reseller account is also a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server, usually a reseller hosting account is a good place to start because you can upgrade to a dedicated server at any time.

    Dedicated server

    If you need more control over a reseller account on your server, then you should select a dedicated server. A dedicated server is for someone who is proficient on server management. With a dedicated server you can choose your own control panel as well as what software you can install. With a dedicated server you get root access on the server, something you do not get from a reseller account.
    Cost is usually a loss of the number of dedicated hosting It is definitely more expensive that shared plans and in some cases, more expensive, although some dedicated solutions are available at prices, which are almost comparative, the cost of most dedicated solutions is low Will be less than 5 to 10 times the cost of a shared hosting plan.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Reseller hosting-the reseller is the intermediary between the parent web hosting company and the end users that is very helpful for the customers who is planning to give the kick start to their business. The resellers are having their own control panel included with them that has the complete control over the hosting sites. They can easily add, remove or modify the sites at any time whenever required.

    Dedicated hosting- The dedicated server is actually a single server that lease on our website. The customer have full control over the server. Thus, they can easily install any software as per their requirements. They are most commonly used in the web hosting industry. The Best Dedicated Server is considered to be best if it satisfies the needs of their users. If the user have to host hundreds of sites under one server, then dedicated server is the best option for them.

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