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    Alexa rank can be decreased by regular content update of your website. You can engage a blog section to your website for a regular content update and build relevant backlinks for the same. These techniques help to build your Alexa ranking.

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    Why do you want to boost the Alexa ranking of your website. What is the benefits in SEO? Alexa is a just tool to check the website traffic so don't bother about Alexa ranking. Increase your DA or PA for better performance.

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    hello friends please tell me how grow our website page ranking ....

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    To boost alexa ranking of your website, implement SEO and Social Media Marketing techniques.

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    you should update the website daily bases for better ranking.

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    The company has developed a service that stores the surfing habits of users who have installed an Alexa toolbar. The Alexa rank should then reflect the overall performance of a web presence. Websites with good traffic and regularly updated content will generally also have a good Alexa ranking.

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    5 Free Ways to Dramatically Boost Alexa Rank:

    1. Install Alexa Toolbar
    2. Install Alexa Widget
    3. Write Unique Content
    4. Write Content regularly
    5. Share your content on social media

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    Install Alexa Toolbar. Alexa Shows data for TECHELEX.ORG.
    Install Alexa Widget. Installing Alexa toolbar is really helps to increasing your website ranking.
    Write Unique Content.
    Write Content regularly.
    Share your content on social media.

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    You can Start Off Page SEO and SMO of your site. If you really want to increase your site's traffic.

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    you should publish high quality content at website daily bases to reduce the ranking of alexa

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    Alexa rank is average calculation of the number of Alexa users to your site number, It compares the rank of website according the number of users and page views.

    How much time your website pages is viewed is calculated by it. It is tool which allows you to clarify where your website is loading.

    If the web traffic will get increase then automatically alexa rank will get improve. Here are tips to improve the alexa rak -
    1. First and basic is choose the catchy domain with top ranking keyword.
    2. Perform the SEO
    3. Add the keywords - You should use the keywords on your website.
    4. Add the customer reviews on site.
    5. Use the digital marketing
    6. Perform back-linking
    7. Perform guest posting
    8. Perform the link building
    9. Unique and quality content - Your website should have the unique contents with the quality information in it.
    10. Representation and Language - You should use the graphical representation for website and it should be very easy and simple to understand.
    11. Social media - You should use the social media for advertisement. You will find too many users here.
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    Write Content regularly
    Install Alexa Toolbar
    Install Alexa Widget
    Write Unique Content

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