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    Things to take care while sending bulk emails?

    What should be considered while sending marketing emails?

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    It is a great option to reach out to the visitors by marketing emails if used in a proper way or else, it will create a negative impact. So, take extra care while sending marketing emails. You will have to make sure that any spaming activity is not being performed when you are sending marketing emails. You will most likely see an issue when you have a large amount of bounce back or your email is reported as spam.

    When you are sending bulk/marketing emails, you should make sure that your email list is clean. If you do not have opt-in/double opt-in list, you can easily clean up your list with any of the bulk email list verification tools. There are lots of providers who offer verification of bulk email addresses.

    Check this out: “Top 10 Bulk Email Verification and Validation Services Compared” - the most trending and useful blog with well-researched information.

    It has well-prepared presentation on How Does Email Address Verification Work? Which is really useful to newbies. They have personally evaluated best 10 bulk email list verification provides and presented in the blog. You will find all features of each providers from the blog itself. The Quick Comparison Table is really a useful asset to select the best provider for your requirement.

    Apart from the verified list, make sure that your email template is well formatted. If you are using HTML template for your email, it should be well designed. The elements should not be scattered. Add proper signature in your email. Responsive design also matters a lot when you are sending an email with HTML format. So, double check the mobile view of your email before you do the blast.

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    When you send emails in bulk, you always have a fear of getting blocked by the servers.

    Well, according to me - SMTP routing is the best way to send mass emails to your customers without getting blocked.

    It lets you send thousands of emails from different SMTP services so that,

    ISP’s could not track you -> you will be not get blocked -> your emails will be successfully delivered.

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    You will need to make sure that your email address will not exceed the email send limit. There is always limit set on every server for sending emails. It is hourly, monthly or weekly limit.

    Also, you will need to make sure that email which you are going to send is professional and has the clear aim. Many of the recipient blocks the email address as those looks like spam. There should not be any spam contents or links. Best way is to sign-up with the web hosting service which will allow you to send and receive email.
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    Don't include too many images or graphics in your mass email messages. A lot of images can make your emails slow to load and may cause display issues. Also, many subscribers do not allow images to display, so they may just show up as white space. To avoid this problem, use a mass email marketing program that automatically creates a text only version of your emails.

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    Things to take care while emails ion bulk are:-

    1. Personalize your emails without using the recipient's name.
    2. The long and short of subject lines
    3. Send your emails at midnight, which is the prime time.
    4.The best content is free content so give something away.
    5.Mobile opens the account for 47% of all email opens.

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