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    How VPS is Hybrid ?

    It is often said that VPS is hybrid of shared hosting and shared hosting. My question is how it is hybrid ?

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    Hybrid VPS servers have a lot to offer over standard VPS servers, but they are mainly aimed at businesses and this is reflected in the pricing of your average hybrid VPS server as well as the specifications of most hybrid VPS servers.

    The main advantage that a hybrid VPS server has to offer over a standard VPS server is the resources that most hybrid VPS servers will come with as hybrid VPS servers are designed to mimic dedicated servers to an extent;

    as well as being provided with large assignments of disk space, RAM and bandwidth you will also find that you have a guaranteed CPU share, and that your VPS server is being hosted on enterprise class hardware.
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    Hybrid VPS is different concept. Generally we used to go with the standard VPS is another concept. It is useful for the people who needs more power and performance from the VPS. It is useful for the high traffic websites. There are less clients per node on the hybrid VPS. It provides more reliability and high level of performance.

    Budget of this VPS is more than the standard VPS.
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    Hybrids typically are on more powerful nodes and also with less VPS per NODE allowing for more free burstable RAM and more RAM guaranteed.Hybrids typically have more dedicated resources allocated to them. However, this will depend on host

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    VPS hosting environment mimics a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. Hybrid VPS server is a different concept. Hybrid VPS have a lot to offer over standard VPS. The main advantage of hybrid VPS is, the resources offered by hybrid VPS server ensure a high level of uptime from your VPS server.

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