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    VPS VS Cloud Hosting

    Well the most frequently asked question among the online community is which hosting type and provider is suitable for business website. Well a decade before folks recommend shared hosting due to only available option but now technology is getting better and better day by day. Now everyone is curios between VPS and Cloud hosting which is actually quite natural because both hosting type initially looks same. There are numerous resources available online which are compare like VPS VS Cloud hosting or Cloud VS VPS Hosting but the major difference VPS and Cloud is VPS consist of fix particular space whereas cloud is flexible which means space can be increase or decrease without any hassle. Serveral modern folks are recommending Cloud hosting due to features like: SSL, Backup, Cloning, Memory Resources and etc.

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    VPS HOSTING -In VPS hosting the server is being divided on a medium of physical server through the technology of virtualization. The virtualization technology includes the root access and administrative access. In this, the user have more control over the server and thus the computing resources. It runs upon its own operating system and acts as the independent server.The VPS hosting is good option for the users who need to establish their small business. A VPS Hosting is best for small blogs, and also makes the users get full authority over the installation process of software.

    CLOUD HOSTING-Cloud hosting basically refers to the process of running multiple websites on different servers. It has unlimited packages included within it and thus provides added advantages of fast deployment model. It means that the data can be accessed from anywhere, if your device is connected with the internet. It offers the computational resources in it.

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    Cloud Hosting is an alternative to hosting website single servers; it provides the unlimited number of machines to as a one system. Cloud hosting is one of the newest and latest technology and they are most popular and Cloud computing is the use to perform the virtually provide shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand. There are different cloud computing technologies and cloud hosting provide in this time market.

    VPS hosting is a server, with its own copy of operating system and allocated server resources, within a bigger server. VPS hosting is a type of server hosting system that comes with its own operating system and allocated server resources. It is one of the various types of server hosting solutions offered by many hosting service providers for managing your website and its functions.
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    Hello Friends,
    Please suggest me Which one is better for host a new website

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    VPS is less efficient since it allocates a specified amount of resources to each client. Whereas in cloud environment website is hosted on a pool of unified computing resources.

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    VPS hosting:

    VPS is an old traditional virtualization technology where one physical server, divided into several smaller server containers that each act as their own virtual server environment.


    Typically less expensive than cloud servers.
    If needed one VPS can be rebooted without affecting other VPSs.

    ================================================== ======

    Cloud Hosting

    Cloud Hosting services that are provided to customers is a peace of multiple interconnected servers that comprise a cloud and as opposed to traditional hosting forms such as shared hosting, and dedicated hosting, data is rendered from various servers.


    Custom Infrastructure - clients can include custom network architecture, firewalls, load balancing and IP deployment.
    Availability and Scalability - if one physical server fails, cloud servers/instance can be moved to another physical server without an outage.
    Completely secure since you virtually have your own server and completely separated with no risk to your data from amid.

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    VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting, sometimes also known as “Private Cloud”, is based on servers which are crafted using virtualization mechanism.

    The architecture is one which has multiple individual dedicated slots on the same virtual machine. Each slot can be assigned to dedicated resources. Nonetheless, the technology generally works on a time-shared or resource-shared phenomenon.

    Cloud hosting is the top-of-the-line website (or application) hosting solution available presently. The technology has already achieved a tremendous level of acceptance in a short period of time.

    Websites hosted on the cloud are accessible anytime, anywhere. This means that hosting resources for each website are replicated on every cloud server in the cluster. For example, if one cloud server has maximum traffic already, then it automatically routes the query for the specific site to the idle cloud server in the cluster. - Web Hosting Company

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    Very useful post thanks for sharing.

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    A Cloud server can be called as a VPS server but a VPS is not a cloud server. Cloud hosting uses similar underlying principles to VPS - the main difference is that the former spreads computing resources across several machines, while the latter allocates a part of a physical machine that can be managed as a separate virtual machine with its own allocated resources. Cloud hosting tends to be more scalable and customizable according to the needs of a specific online project, while VPS is typically more affordable (than a private cloud) and requires less maintenance.

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