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    Different types of E-marketplaces

    hi! please help me What are the different types of E-marketplaces?

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    The types of e-marketplaces are:-

    1. Independent e marketplace which is usually a business to buinsess online platform and is operated by third party.
    2. Buyer oriented e-marketplace that normally runs by a consortium of buyers in order to establish an efficient purchasing environment.
    3. Supplier- oriented e-marketplace which setup and operates the number of suppliers who are seeking to establish an efficient sales channel.
    4. Vertical and horizontal e-marketplaces that provides the online access to business vertically up and down.

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    The types of e-marketplaces are:
    Comparison websites (with buy button).
    Opened platforms.
    Local platforms.
    Theme Portals.

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    Types of e-marketplace

    Independent e-marketplace
    Buyer-oriented e-marketplace
    Supplier-oriented e-marketplace
    Vertical and horizontal e-marketplaces

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    The following types of different trading platforms can be distinguished:

    Comparison websites (with buy button): Examples are Kelkoo (France), (Netherlands) and Allegro (Poland).
    Search engines with buy option: Google shopping or Bing shopping are examples of this.
    Opened platforms: These are platforms that used to be webshops, but nowadays also offer third party sellers to offer their products on their webshop. Examples of this are, Zalando or Amazon.
    Local platforms: There are more and more platforms that let a local neighborhood form their own online community. The 'Nine streets'in Amsterdam is an example of this, where visitors can virtually shop on the platform. Also smaller players like boutiques, that would be too small to open their own webshop, can bundle their forces this way. An example of this is Locals United and Miinto.
    Marketplaces: Some examples of this are eBay or AliExpress.
    Auctions: Usually these are websites that often change their assortment, depending on remaining parties of vendors. Think of iBood or Groupon as examples.
    Theme Portals: More and more consumers and small businesses open sites offering product reviews (e.g. clothes), where the consumer is forwarded to a vendors' webshop. Fashionchik or Asos are prime examples of this type of marketplace.

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