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    How to Choose A Dedicated Server Provider?

    You will find many cheap Dedicated Server providers around the globe. But, getting a server with the higher configuration at low cost is not only your goal. The crucial part of using a Dedicated Server is after sales service. If you get the best configuration at cheap rate but do not get technical support when you really need it, there is no point of selecting such provider.
    The maintenance of a Dedicated Server is more time to consume and complex if we compare it with VPS or simple shared hosting and it requires highly technical staff. So, when you purchase a Dedicated Server, apart from the price, consider their support as well. The support must be available when you really need them. is truly a perfect hosting provider and known for their outstanding 24*7 support. If you are looking for a Dedicated Server in USA, Germany, Canada, France, UK, Australia, Singapore, or India, you are in a safe hands.

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    When we talk about the purchase of dedicated server, there are many reasons that establishes within it. The very first step to buy dedicated server is due to its control over the server. If you need a control over the server in Cheap Dedicated Server hosting then you must go with dedicated server. Because, in dedicated server hosting the users will get full access to their server. The another reasons is that there is high and strong security support available with dedicated server.

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    Nowadays it's quite difficult to select the right dedicated server provider, in this competitive market there are so many companies who offer web services. If you want to buy a dedicated server then I personally recommend you to get it from without any hesitations. They provide best web services and I’m using their services since many years without any issue.

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    Finding Best Dedicated Server: Baseline Qualities to Look for

    1. Processor: How powerful you want the server to be?

    For virtualization, video-transcoding, SQL, or specialized applications like chat servers, you need a Xeon or dual Xeon server.

    2. Bandwidth: After having an idea of the traffic to your website, decide on the bandwidth required. If your website sees high traffic, go for more bandwidth. If you plan to run scripts, have HD pictures, or stream multimedia files, then go for high bandwidth servers.

    3. Memory: Memory is important in order to decide the efficiency of your server and faster loading of your website. More RAM = Better Speed.

    4. OS: Depending upon your needs, decide if you want a Windows dedicated server or Linux dedicated server. You must also take into account the type of your application.

    5. Storage: Know your data storage requirements of your website. You can pick from several hard drive options. Usually, RAID is preferred because if there is a hardware failure, all your data will be lost. RAID is critical for mirror copying.


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