What is SolusVM?

SolusVM or Virtual Manager is a GUI based VPS management system with plenty of power. It supports Linux KVM, Xen HVM Xen Para virtualization and Open VZ. SolusVM will allow you to manage a VPS cluster, along with allowing your users to do the same.

The system will even integrate with WHMCS, Hostbill, Blesta and many other billing systems. Itís customizable on the frontend to ensure you get the style and the operating system template you want, as well.

What is Virtualizor?

A powerful web-based VPS control panel, Virtualizor provides another choice supporting OpenVZ, XenServer, Linux KVM, LXC, Xen PB and Xen HVM virtualization. Administrators can easily create a VPS quickly with just the click of a button. Users will easily be able to manage the VPS from the web-based GUI.

Virtualizor is very similar to SolusVM and they both provide similar features and support the same types of virtualization.

Comparing SolusVM and Virtualizor

Some have actually stated that Virtualizor copies many of the features of SolusVM. This makes these two systems very similar to each other. However, SolusVM does seem to be a bit more reliable, while Virtualizor seems to be a bit more user-friendly.

SolusVM offers a free 30-day trial, so you get the chance to test drive it before you invest any money. You can also get a one-month free license from Virtualizor to try it out.

Neither system is very expensive with Virtualizor running anywhere from $1 to $9 per month depending on the license and SolusVM running $2.50 to $10 depending on the license.

Virtualizor is the newer choice, so they do tend to be a bit behind in popularity. However, SolusVM also has more experience and has had more time to make improvements over the years. Many virtual private server hosting companies use SolusVM and itís very well tested.

The support from SolusVM is some of the best support in the industry. However, Virtualizor offers pretty good support, too. Users have said good things about the support of both solutions.