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    What are the common SEO mistakes?

    What are the common SEO mistakes?

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    Here are few things that should be avoided while optimizing the website
    Duplicate content
    Ignorance of Meta Tags
    Keyword Stuffing

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    Disallowing when you meant to Noindex
    URL SERP Parameters & Google Instant
    Not using your customer’s vocabulary
    Skipping the keyword brainstorming phase
    Mapping URLs to keywords, but not the other way around
    Setting up a free hosted blog
    Not properly disabling Google personalization
    Not logging in to the free tools
    Not linking to your top pages with your top terms on your home page
    Not returning a 404 status code when you’re supposed to
    Not building links to pages that link to you
    Going over the top with copy and/or links meant for the spiders
    Not using the canonical tag

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    Quote Originally Posted by AltiusHospital View Post
    What are the common SEO mistakes?
    Thin content
    Free hosting buy
    Keywords stuff
    Skinny Redirections
    User generate spam
    meta description length issue
    Title tag length issue

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    Doing Your Own SEO Instead of Hiring an Expert
    Falling for Unrealistic SEO Promises
    Using "Black Hat" Methods for Quick Gains
    Not Adapting to Search Engine Changes
    Choosing Keywords without Research

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    Duplicate content
    Forgotten about content marketing
    Poor site structure

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    Here are few of the common mistakes in SEO, which I think is very common while doing search engine optimization.

    1. Keyword stuffing: you should use LSI variation of the targeted keyword instead of using the exact same keyword everywhere.

    2. linking to every single page on your website from home page. Yes, every page should be not more than 3 clicks away from your home page. But it doesn’t mean that its okay to have like 500 links from your home page. Websites with a strategic information architecture are easier for search engines to understand.

    3. Creating backlinks using exact match anchor texts from blog comments, forums and other less valuable sources. You should not always link to your desired page using the exact keyword for which it is optimized for.

    4. Ignoring usability issues and content quality: If your website is in a relatively easy niche with less competition, you may make it to the top page using keyword stuffed content and a website with terrible user experience. But the Goal of SEO is not just to be on 1st page, but to drive conversion and revenue to your business. You will be digging your own grave if you work hard to rank a page that have no content quality, because once it is in top positions the high bounce rates will automatically pull you down.

    5. Redirection chains: In pathetic attempt to optimise a page for your keyword, some people constantly 301 redirect their URLs based on SERPs. When you do this, replace all historical 301 redirection to that page for avoiding redirection chains. If not, a page have 4–5 redirections is not going to do well.

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    1. Duplicate content is the common mistakes for SEO.
    2. Copy Title Tag

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    The most common SEO mistake is:
    1.Choosing Wrong Keyword
    2.Using KeyWord Stuffing
    3.Creating Content That’s Not About Your Keywords.
    4.Publishing Non-Original Content
    5.Forgetting About Analytics

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    Common SEO mistakes are usage of Black Hat SEO techniques, duplicate content, non-responsive website, slow page loading speed etc.

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