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    what are advantages of php over html/css/javascript combined?

    what are advantages of php over html/css/javascript combined?

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    PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) is a server-side web programming language that is widely used for web development. However, here are many languages which are used for web development or web programming. But among all of them PHP is the most popular web scripting language
    on the other hand,JavaScript is an interpreted language. It requires no compilation process so no compiler is required. The browser interprets JavaScript as it HTML tags.
    CSS helps to make the changes of the layout and design of the site very easily. The file size of the CSS is very small hence your website takes minimal loading time. The external CSS has made easy for the visitors who want to see only the content from the website. By creating the CSS, you can make the web design flexible.
    Almost anyone in the web development business would know HTML – be it a freelancer or a large agency. If at any point in time you need to hire the services of a different web design firm or professional for making changes or updates to your website, it would be relatively easy to find cost-effective and affordable solution providers who can make the changes you need to your website.

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    Its simplest programming languages, open source and free
    secure and safe
    relative fast since it uses much system resource
    Powerful Library Support
    Built-in Database Connection Modules

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    Open Source: It is developed & maintained by a large group of PHP developers, this will helps in creating a support community, abundant extension library.

    Easy to Use: It uses C link syntax, so for those who are familiar with C, it’s vary easy for them to pick up & it is very easy to create website scripts.

    Speed: It is relative fast since it uses much system resource.

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    Advantages of php over html/css/javascript combined are given below:
    1. Secure and safe
    2. Easy to Use
    3. Built-in Database Connection Modules

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