With any new, license upgrade, upgrade protection renewal for SmarterTools product - (SmarterMail, SmarterTrack & SmarterStats), you will enjoy the following benefits :

1. 10% discount savings off SmarterTools RRP (include all other SmarterTools add-on such as Commtouch Antispam & Antivirus, Exchange ActiveSync & Web Services..etc)
2. FREE Premium Uptime Monitoring services - monitor all your SmarterMail services with our global premium uptime monitoring services with unlimited SMS, email, twitter and push notifications. You could be easily save > $100+ per years if you subscribe from other services such as Pingdom..etc
3. 1 Year FREE SSL Certificate - this could be used as to provide secure webmail access for your SmarterMail users.

Placing your order with us is the same as you are buying from SmarterTools - you receive the same support from SmarterTools except the discount savings and free bundles that we are the only partner that's providing this.

Why Do You Need Keep Your Upgrade Protection Active

As part of SmarterTools recommendation, it's highly recommended for all users to stay active for their upgrade protection as to make sure you will be able to upgrade to the latest version/edition when it's being released by SmarterTools. Being up-to-date means you will be able provide the latest features, greater user experience as each release by SmarterTools contains bug fixes and performance enhancement, plus you will make sure your mail server have the latest security control as it fixes also any security flaws which may have been found on the Internet.

Apart from that, cost is another major concern. If you renew your upgrade protection before it goes to expire mode, you only have to pay for 40% of SmarterTools retail price of a new license for your existing edition, that's about 60% savings! Plus, we will be able to top up an additional 10% on top of this which brings the savings up to 70%, that's a major huge cost savings for your business operation.

Learn more on what are the savings that you will be getting for your business by visiting http://www.tweakservers.com/.

Monthly Subscriptions License (from $15/mo)

You can also opt to go with the monthly subscription license mode without the needs to invest up front to pay for the perpetual license. Your license continues to valid as long as you renew the license every month and you will be eligible for any of the major upgrade protection release by SmarterTools. The license starts from the lowest $15/mo for SmarterMail Pro 250. Visit our website and learn more about the monthly subscription model.