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    Free SSL Certificate vs Paid SSL Certificate

    A free SSL certificate may look good and cost-free solution, but it comes with certain boundaries. On the other side, paid SSL certificate is an excellent choice for any kind of businesses which has more advantages compared to free SSL certificate.

    Letís find out the difference between free SSL vs Paid SSL certificate

    • Type of SSL Certificate - Free SSL certificates only come with a Domain Validation (DV) option Whereas the paid SSL certificates do come with Organization Validation (OV) & Extended Validation (EV) options.
    • Level of Validation - Certificate Authority does not validate anything apart from the identity of the website owner with FREE SSL while in the case of OV & EV certificates, in-depth verification of the business is carried out by the certificate authority (CA).
    • Validity Period - Free SSL certificates provided by popular CAs is issued for 30-90 days In the case of paid certificates, they can be issued for a period of 1-2 years.
    • Support - No technical support with Free SSL while paid certificates are committed to providing round the clock support to their customers.
    • Warranty - No warranty with Free SSL while paid SSL to come backed by warranties.

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    In my opinion, free SSL certificate is a good option for blog site. I installed Let's Encrypt SSL for my blog site. This tutorial provides one-click installation and auto-renwal for Let's Emcrypt, it is really useful to beginners.

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    Now a days SSL certificate is must for every website, Because Google has forward the recommendation to HTTP to HTTPS website which have more secure than other website. We crypto soft India provide you a best solutions for SSL certificate for your website and business services.

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    As others have pointed out you can get FREE SSL certificates on most hosting accounts these days and not to utilise them is bad. Its pretty much a requirement now to have your website on SSL.

    As for the difference. Well, a standard SSL (a free one) pretty much protects your site and that's about it. A paid SSL certificate which is most probably going to be an extended one actually validates your business to make sure its real. This can and does prvide confidence to end users that your a legtimate website/business. Generally this is communicated on the frontend via a green addressbar with your business name included. It relaces the standrad small green padlock. Head over to Apple: and compare it to a standard site which uses an SSL.
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    That is quite obvious that paid one is better than the free one. There are few things that a person look he only go for the paid one if the thing is really required to him and he really wants it.

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