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    VPS is best for starter businesses. Shared hosting has many disadvantages and dedicated hosting services are expensive and is unnecessary for starters or small business. VPS has features like faster performance, separate resources, uninterrupted hosting services, less expensive than dedicated hosting, but gets almost all the features of dedicated servers.

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    These are important benefits or features of VPS hosting:
    1. Guaranteed RAM
    2. Root Access
    3. Free*Domain Name
    4. 24/7 Support
    5. Ample Disk Space and Storage
    6. State-of-Art Virtualization and Automation Software
    7. nsMail

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    hi, if you are looking for the other alternative then in that scenario you can try the VPS hosting with minimum 4GB of RAM. I suggest VPS because of following reason

    it is cheaper as compared to that you are recently using
    You have Full root access to your server
    Virtualization allows you to scale as your website grows
    And the upgradation automaticaly
    High Performance and Availability:
    Enhanced Remote Management
    Zero Worries
    .Dedicated Resources
    and much more for more information on VPS hosting or on any other hosting and for cheap hosting offers just visit onlinetroubleshooters [

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    Flexibility is offered by VPS hosting. With a virtual server, you can choose the OS that you want to use. You will enjoy full control over the virtual server environment.

    As a web hosting solution, VPS hosting is the most affordable for businesses with minimal budget. All the benefits of a dedicated server can be obtained at a lower price.

    Stability is offered since other accounts on the server will not affect your website in any way. As a result, your website is operational in order to allow 24/7 accessibility.

    Performance is improved since you will enjoy fast loading of your website.

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    Feature of VPS
    Guaranteed Resources
    Root Access
    Scalable Hosting
    Scalable Hosting
    Multiple Choice of OS
    24/7 Technical Support - Web Hosting Company

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    There are various features of VPS hosting, are given below.
    1. Guaranteed Resources
    2. Scalable Virtual Hosting
    3. Dedicated Resources
    4. Multiple Choice of OS
    5. Built to be Easier to Manage

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    1. Guaranteed RAM. VPS Hosting packages come with guaranteed 1 GB of RAM.
    2. Ample Disk Space and Storage. Get the flexibility of up to 100GB of disk space and up to 2000GB of monthly data transfer.
    3. Root Access. ...
    4. State-of-the-Art Virtualization and Automation Software. ...
    5. Free* Domain Name. ...
    6. nsMail. ...
    7. 24/7 Support.

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    Ultra-Fast & Secure * VPS Hosting. 100% Uptime Guarantee, cPanel, SSD! Unlimited Hosting. 180 Days Risk Free. 24/7 Customer Support. Shared, VPS or Cloud. Lightning Speed Guarantee.

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