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    Some Comparisons and Similarities of SEO and SMO

    Link Building:
    SEO – Inbound links are a large determining factor in rankings.
    SMO – Links are a result of success, which means that SEO benefits from good SMO.

    On Page Elements:
    SEO – Title tags, headers, image title, bold text and use of keywords are all influential on search engine rankings.
    SMO – Coding and tags are not so important, while visual attention grabbers make a bigger impact.

    SEO – The title tag of a page tells the search engines what a page is about and carries a lot of weight in the rankings.
    SMO – Titles and headlines are extremely important for grabbing attention and getting users to click-through.

    Content Must be Easily Readable…
    SEO – By search engine spiders.
    SMO – By human readers.

    SEO – Quality content is important in order to rank well.
    SMO – Quality content is important in order to hold the readers’ attention and win their approval.

    Content Plus:
    SEO – Content alone will not produce high rankings. The structure of the site must also be sound.
    SMO – While quality content is essential, visual presentation can also make a big difference.

    SEO – Analysis is necessary in order to know which changes have made an impact (positive or negative) on the site’s rankings.
    SMO – Analysis is necessary to know what types of content draws interest.

    Predictability / the Benefit of Experience:
    SEO – Experts are able to reproduce success with new sites (although it’s not as easy as it sounds), as the same elements can be applied.
    SMO – Those who know the social media audience can recreate success by publishing posts and headlines specifically for this purpose.

    Success Breeds More Success:
    SEO – Trusted domains will have a positive effect on all pages, including new pages.
    SMO – Power profiles on sites like Digg can keep traffic flowing with new submissions.

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    Well, let's not make the whole things so complicated because SEO and SEM could very much get connected to each other. The matters and features like contents plus links could be related to the SEO realm while using the paid and impression based pay per click packages are covered in the SEM world.

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    Good comparisons and similarities between them...Thanks for the post.
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    Good post I picked up new knowledge on SEO and SMO.

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    really a good one, i really like it.

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