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Main Differences Between VPS and Dedicated Server:

One of the Worth highlighting difference you should understand between VPS and Dedicated Servers are from the stem how the hardware is used. Performance of servers are related to the server’s hardware specifications. Given two servers with the same specifications, dedicated servers will always have a performance advantage over VPS servers because they don’t have to share the resources among users and with a VPS server.

Dedicated servers are found to be more secure than VPS Servers. VPS servers face a particular threat that dedicated don’t is the hypervisor. Because Security is easy to rule out. Although both servers come with automatic malware scanning and removal, yearly security audits and more.

Aside from having the coolest name ever, the hypervisor handles creating and managing each of the virtual machines on the server. Most viruses only affect one virtual machine (i.e. a single user account), but in some very rare cases they may actually be advanced enough to bypass the hypervisor completely, spreading to all the accounts on the server.

If you’re starting a business based on security (i.e. legal, banking or government-related), Then you should go for dedicated server for additional peace of mind.
If a web host is putting more persons on the same server, they can make the packages cheaper because their costs per customer will be lower. This makes VPS options much cheaper than the dedicated servers.
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