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    Looking for Windows Reseller

    I'm looking for windows reseller;
    Here is features ;
    Web Space : 2.000 MB ( 2 GB )
    Monthly Transfer : 55.000 MB ( 55 GB )
    Windows 2003 Server
    Reseller and Client ( Reseller's Customer ) Control Panel
    Host Unlimited Domains
    Create My Own Packages
    Private Nameservers ( ex. )
    Dedicated Ip Number : 1
    Suspend/Unsuspend Accounts
    Delete/Modify Accounts
    Unlimited Email Accounts
    Webmail ( ex. )
    Unlimited Auto Responders
    Unlimited Email Forwarding
    Anti Mail Spam
    Server Side Includes (SSI)
    FREE Secure Server (SSL) ( not necessary )
    Statistics & Logs
    Frontpage Extensions
    ASPUpload, Cdonts
    Unlimited MySQL Databases
    Unlimited MS SQL ( not necessary )
    Directory Protection
    File Manager
    Custom Error Pages
    Unlimited Sub Domains
    Email Support
    Helpdesk Support
    Live Help Support
    Setup Fee must be 0 $
    Monthly price between 15$ - 25 $

    I want to try your server 1 day.
    I mean I want trial account.
    Give me a kiss before you tell me good bye

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    No offence but you are going to have a very tough time locating a reliable and professional Windows 2003 host to meet those requirements. Unlimited domains, unlimited email, unlimited MySql, unlimited SQL = recipe for an unreliable host that will soon be out of business!

    Best Wishes for a Net Success!

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    I have several webhosting with different webhost

    one is, they has some unlimited stuf but only 50mb

    other is very good price but they dont have some of the list you have.

    as 1hostplan said will be very hard to get a hoster that meet all those requirement.

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    Just curious Nightmarex as to how you made out with your search?

    Best Wishes for a Net Success!

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    i do not belive in unlimited accounts for resellers specially in windows.
    there is some FACTS you have to put it in your mind, the most important one is windows server usually can not host more than 300 domain and you can go lower if some of the domains will use MS SQL

    so if your provider will give you 100 domains then he have not to put more than 3 resellers per servers, and to do that the price will be around $75/mo not $15

    second thing you have to keep in mind in windows that everything is costly, Windows license, control tool license, SQL license, ASP components also costly .. so how you expect unlimited domains for $15/mo?

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    Agreed! Some people want a prime rib for the price of a happy meal. Be real careful with any host that offers unlimited domains for resellers as you can rest assured that it is a recipe for overselling and performance issues.

    Best Wishes for a .Net Success!

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    Here are a few plans we are offering that match up to your requirements:

    Host SIX (6) Sites, $ 2.79 per domain /mo
    Server: Windows
    4 GB Storage (4000 MB)
    80 GB Transfer

    Host Fifteen (25) Sites, $ 1.8 per domain /mo
    Server: Windows
    12 GB Storage (12000 MB)
    200 GB Transfer

    For more details you can also visit our website at :


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    In his request he specifically asked for "Host Unlimited Domains" That model for resellers is not solid both financially and performance wise. I have seen it many times over the past 8 years. New hosts pop up with these unbelievable unlimited plans at super low prices, take customers money, oversell their servers, performance and reliability drops and then go out of business within the year.

    Best Wishes for a .Net Success!

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    You must be joking Right?

    OK guys we al want to save money

    We at webwhipper try to offer some of the most unique and best hosting deals on the net.

    Find someone else offering what we offer and we offer you free hosting for a year.

    Askig for all that this guy wants is like asking for a ferrari for 10$

    If you know wyhere I can buy one for that money please let me know and I order 100

    REMEMBER: Hosting companies have expensive licensing bills and other bills

    That's why you cannot get everything for free.
    As they do not get it free either.

    Be realistic about what you need and what you can afford.

    Even the most professional sites do not use 55GB bandwidth a monh - Get more hosting for you money

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    unlimited domains etc.

    The worst tip regarding overselling

    I know someone who tried WWW.HOSTDEPARTMENT.COM

    They offer unlimited everything for 50$ a month

    Only problem is is that their servers are ALWAYS down

    We believe they are in someones kitchen and the little baby keeps turning them off

    Remeber anyone cna host websites even from their bedroom and offer unlimited free air. Or is that HOT AIR

    remember the saying: " There's no such thing as a free lunch

    And are a typical example of how not to run a hosting company

    OK they might have live support 24/7

    But if your website is always down what difference does live support make.

    Server reliability is the most important issue.
    That is for your site to be available 24/7/365 days a year

    Also NO one can offer 100% uptime or even 99%

    As you know Computers a prone to crashing even the most expensive once.

    So if you know anyone offering 99 or 100% uptime I'd like to know what kind of PC'S they use

    And can I have 200 of them please.

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    Re: unlimited domains etc.

    Originally posted by webwhipper
    Only problem is is that their servers are ALWAYS down
    We believe they are in someones kitchen and the little baby keeps turning them off
    ROTFL That is just way too funny! Thanks for the comic relief on the subject. Sadly it may be true of some hosts.

    Best Wishes for a .Net Success!

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    England windows reseller


    You can try

    Very good service and you can host unlimited domains in your web space. They uses many servers running together (some servers runs mail server, others runs mysql, others ftp, other http, etc..)

    Example package :
    3 GB of space
    20 Gb of monthly transfer
    Unlimited domains
    HELM control panel included
    Private Nameservers

    40.00 monthly (USD70 aprox.)

    Fabian Marsiglione

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    How about starting up some new threads? Do the mods ever close threads or they just keep growing and growing like this one?

    Nightmarex started this thread back in June and surely he has found his unlimited dream host by now.

    Best Wishes for a .Net Success!

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    i think u search by the hosting directory, this is best solution and your requirements is very HIGH.
    The Complete Hosting Solution

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    u should search on web hosting directory. that would be enough.

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