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    Bulk purchase or renewing the hosting for a decade and I am sure you will get alot of rebate. Meanwhile, you may compare your current plan with others company but remember migration will easily kill you.

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    Register your domain name for more than 2 years and reduce your hosting cost.

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    Yes you have to book new domain name redirect your old domain on new domain. You can use the same content on new domain.

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    There are a lot of hosting companies that offer various discounts for first-time customers, but besides these promotions, you should think about monetizing your site, so that it starts to pay for itself......

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    How to reduce web hosting cost

    I know , they provide Good web hosting services with reasonable rates... They
    charge just Rs 99, the cheapest price in internet. I heard from many people that its the cheapest company in India with quality and they are providing Support in Regional Language.. Better you try there for hosting with cheap price.

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    If you have several websites in different hosting plans, you can check if you can upgrade your hosting plan subscription with existing provider and consolidate all websites in single plan this can save your costs significantly along with reducing time spent on management of different website hosting subscriptions. In case you have services with multiple providers, you can consider to move them to a single provider who has been best in service quality.

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    If you are looking to reduce the cost of hosting for a single website, you can simply compare costs among quality web hosts. But if you find a good web host, think about it before you change.

    If you have more than one web site, there are some "economies of scale" that apply and can reduce your overall costs.

    Add-On Domains: Many web hosts offer a feature that allows you to host more than one web site on a plan. Called add-on domains on cPanel based hosts, this option can allow you to host several sites for the price of one. Many hosts offer "unlimited add-on domains", but you are limited by disk and bandwidth allocations; all of your sites' usage is combined, so a 10 GB plan would hold ten 1 GB websites, but not 11 sites that size. If one site is suddenly hammered because it is listed in an article on Engadget, and you reach your bandwidth limit, all of your sites are suspended.

    Reseller Accounts: If you have many sites to host, a reseller account will allow you to host them all. How are reseller accounts different from an add-on domain account? For one, each domain will have its own log in and password. This can help with security, especially if one or more of your sites is controversial and may be subject to hacking (on an add-on domain account all the sites are accessed using a single log in and password.) Reseller accounts typically come with defined disk space and bandwidth allotments, but may allow "unlimited" accounts; just like with an add-on domain account, the total space and bandwidth your accounts take up will count against the limits. However, you can better isolate each account ... give it its own allotment of bandwidth and disk space ... so that one very busy site doesn't run out the meter for all of the sites.

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    My experience (from the hosting provider standpoint) is it all depends on your contract. If you are in a monthly plan then hosting company never give you any discount. If you are new user of that hosting company (service) then only it is possible. Most of the time I see if you take a long term plan then the price of the server is negotiated & Yes it reduce some cost over time.

    Typically, the answer is "no", they won't automatically reduce your price. Hosting companies will start offering the new price for new customers, but existing customers won't be automatically discounted.So, your prices are not

    Some time price may go down because of When a company reduces prices, say from $300 to $200, it may be because that server is now last-year's model and the new $300 server is a different, more powerful configuration (new proc, extra RAM, etc). Or it might be that they're not selling enough servers, and they need to reduce prices to be competitive. They may also reduce prices in order to separate out features that were previously bundled with the server.

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    The cost is not going to decrease any more. Between that, top hosting companies increasing the cost in recent years.

    Web Hosting costs is finalized based on various parameters and one of it is Storage devices. We need to look into other resources too, right ?

    In the modern era, I use FastComet hosting which comes with the latest SSD drives for hosting, you know how pricey SSD drives compared with traditional hard drives

    So there is no chance of hosting costs getting reduced.

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