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    It is to differentiate between Robots and human ,this is generally used for security issues to protect websites from hackers.

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    CAPTCHA or Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart is a technique to distinguish between humans and computers. CAPTCHA is mainly used as a security check to ensure only human users can pass through. Generally, computers or bots are not capable of solving a captcha.

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    Captcha is one the way to check real-time user is a robot or any program that accessing or using website.
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    CAPTCHA is used to secure websites or forms from bots to reduce the spam rate. It is basically used as a security check to make sure no robots can surpass the website or forms.
    Captcha works as an identifier between computers and humans.

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    There are so called spam bots made to take links and email addresses from websites, forms, etc.

    Like there are many protection ways against other harmful programs, the case with spam bots is also not an exception and nobody remains alone in the struggle against those programs.

    There are some ways and systems that help to protect against spam bots and one of these ways is CAPTCHA. People who are going through web environment are familiar with CAPTCHAs, yet, let’s see what the acronym stands for: Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. One can conclude from the expansion of the concept that it helps to get rid of bots by giving a test that is easily understandable to human beings and incomprehensible to bots.

    Though most of the users consider answering number of cryptic questions or sorting out distorted texts and numbers in the frame of CAPTCHA tedious and frustrating, others think it is the most trustworthy and reliable way to prevent their forms from being spoiled by spam bots. Besides, with the advent of Google reCAPTCHA the process of passing a Turing Test has become easier and simpler. It requires nothing but a click on the checkbox.

    I know a lot of web owners who use CAPTCHA for contact forms created in their WordPress websites to protect them from bots and I also highly recommend the same.

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    CAPTCHA is an acronym that stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. Quite a mouthful. It was coined in 2000 by professors and scientists from Carnegie Mellon University and IBM.
    A CAPTCHA is what is called a challenge-response test. One party presents a question or challenge and the other party must provide a valid answer or response in order to be authenticated.
    CAPTCHA prevents spam in website comment sections and on blogs. Many spammers bombard comment sections with links to increase search engine rankings. The test makes sure only humans comment and users don’t have to sign in beforehand to leave a comment.
    Many companies offer free email services but a while ago bots would sign up for hundreds of free accounts and then use these accounts to cause havoc on the Internet. Now people need to complete a CAPTCHA before being able to get a free email account. Free services should be protected by CAPTCHA to prevent abuse via automated scripts.
    It offers protection from scrapers who want to copy the email addresses of users. Spammers would crawl the Internet for email addresses that are posted in clear text. By utilising CAPTCHA you can protect against these scrapers. People need to solve a CAPTCHA before an email address is shown.
    Sometimes people don’t want a webpage to be shown so there is an HTML tag that hides the page from robots. Big search engine companies respect this but sometimes it doesn’t prevent all bots from coming through. This is what CAPTCHA helps to prevent.

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