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    The benefits of a widnows vps and a linux vps

    Benefits of a Windows VPS
    Windows VPS servers are not as populous as Linux, in part because of the proprietary nature of Windows as a Microsoft product. As a result, Windows VPS servers tend to be used for more specialized tasks, and while they will come with a higher price tag, they will also come with a broader base of support, and more regular updates.
    Most Windows servers currently run on Windows Server 2008 R2, in combination with Windows Hyper-V, a hypervisor that functions as hardware and allows the server to manage the resources being used in real-time. There are number of advantages that a Windows-based server can offer you over a similar Linux solution, starting with
    more robust support for ASP and ASP.NET, which can be especially useful for Web developers. In addition, Windows VPS solutions will come with support for the Microsoft SQL or Microsoft Access database. Microsoft SQL Standard or Enterprise will require a separate licensing fee, however. Another benefit to a Windows
    virtual private server is the ability to remotely access your desktop through an easy to configure GUI that will let you manage tasks even when you are not at your computer.
    Benefits of a Linux VPS
    A Linux VPS hosting can also offer your business a wide range of benefits, starting with the many types or “flavors” of the OS that are available. Linux as a whole is an open-source OS, which means that it is constantly being changed and modified by users, and does not come with as large a cost as a Windows server, simply
    because the cost for you to use Linux is much lower – and often free. Different types of Linux will offer different features; some will have easy-to-use GUIs, while others include strong communities that are constantly releasing updates for their work. Linux VPS servers are also known as more reliable, in part because
    so many VPS providers use them, and can often provide a greater amount of uptime for end users. Another feature of Linux not found in a Windows VPS is secure shell (SSH) access, which will allow you to direct access to the control panel of your VPS, and allow you to control all of its functions. This SSH access is text-based only, meaning it will require a higher level of knowledge to use, but can give you a great deal of power from anywhere you log on.

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    Choosing the Server Operating system depends upon the applications used to built your website. If you have a website built in asp, or MS-SQL or you are willing to use any Microsoft application like ColdFusion or any other, you will have to opt for a Windows based hosting plan. If you have a website built in PHP or HTML, than you can opt for a Linux based hosting plan. - Windows VPS hosting by √ Dedicated hardware √ MS Hyper-V technology

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    Linux hosting uses open source software. It gives you multiple options for hosting requirements. Linux hosting is compatible with PHP which is considered to be one of the most popular languages for programming.
    Linux hosting is good for practicing programmers as they can keep testing new things with it. That’s the biggest advantage of using Linux.
    Linux hosting is very cheap and affordable. Over head expenses are reduced in Linux as proprietary softwares are not installed.

    Windows hosting is provided by Microsoft. By using windows hosting you will get regular support and updates. One of the major advantages of using windows hosting is that majority of the people who use windows as an OS on the computer find it to be user friendly. You get an option of using popular Microsoft tools such as MS FrontPage, MS Access and MS SQL.

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    Informative post to choose the best hosting service. You need to choose the server as per your requirements. Linux server is available at cheaper cost and offer more control whereas windows VPS offers you dedicated access to resource.

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    Unix like web host uses free. It gives you several options for web host requirements. Unix like web host is appropriate with PHP which is considered to be one of the most popular dialects for selection.

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    Benefits of Windows VPS hosting:

    Windows VPS hosting is beneficial to the administrators because administrators can easily adapt the windows hosting and improve the security. It allows as many websites as you can manage on the server. It is basically useful for the companies as well as to individuals those run high traffic websites.

    Benefits of Linux VPS hosting:

    Linux VPS hosting is the open source software and it splits the server in such a way that can manage their own operating system. It immediately credits the server space and bandwidth. The cost of the Linux hosting is also lower.
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    Nice information for me.

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    Hello dilehost,You shared a great details about the benefits of a widnows vps and a linux vps.One word you used in your post that is "secure shell".Can anyone have a knowledge about "secure shell"?If yes then please tell the purpose of secure shell.

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    Hello There,

    You need to choose the server as per your requirements. Linux server is available at cheaper cost and offer more control whereas windows VPS offers you dedicated access to resource.


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    In addition to the family aspects to the interface, Windows VPS also tends to offer more flexible and variable options for web administrators. Remember, Microsoft has a lot of experience in tailoring its products for the business market. It knows what businesses want or need to accomplish.

    The Windows VPS system provides a wider range of functions than many alternatives, including full update control and in-depth customization of all settings. This is especially useful for detail-oriented IT specialists who want to arrange website resources to meet very specific requirements.

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    Benefits of Windows VPS:-
    The traditional shared web hosting package is that you have much more control over the settings on your windows installation with a Windows VPS.

    Benefits of Linux VPS:-
    Higher performance, as the resources allocated to your VPS account, exceed those available to shared and reseller hosting.

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    Benefits of Windows VPS

    Anyone who wants an efficient and cost effective hosting solution should have Windows VPS on top of the list. This hosting works on a virtual private server where you can enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

    Windows VPS hosting plans offer the same features as those of dedicated servers meaning that the user will enjoy features of a dedicated server without investing much. This is why the Windows VPS hosting plan is popular among resellers and developers.
    A Windows VPS hosting account is also easier to maintain than dedicated servers. This can help businesses save money they could have used to hire someone to manage the dedicated server account.

    Another major benefit is the fact that Windows VPS hosting has very simple equipment. Unlike dedicated server account where you have to deal with a physical system when you apply for a plan, Windows VPS hosting will not need any physical system.
    Hosting companies will manage your VPS on your behalf. This will enable you to solve all your technical issues very quickly. However, you need to check whether the hosting provider charges for the management or whether they manage it for free.

    When you use Window VPS hosting, your provider will continuously monitor your windows and alert you whenever they see any potential problem with your server. This will help you avoid any unforeseen problems.
    It may be very hard and tedious to predict your server requirements, especially for a layman. Your hosting provider will help ease your burden by tracking your system usage requirements and recommend what you will need and help you cut the extra cost.

    There is no single doubt why you should not get Windows VPS hosting. After choosing Windows VPS there is no need to worry about your website. Whether you are worried about updating your system backup of your data, everything has been done for you. Additionally, you will also get a customized plan for your website depending on your needs and all that is at a low cost.

    Benefits of Linux VPS

    Guaranteed server resources allocated to your VPS account. Unlike shared and reseller hosting, your account wouldn’t normally be affected by other users on the server.
    Higher performance, as the resources allocated to your VPS account exceed those available to shared and reseller hosting.
    Root access, just as on a dedicated server, providing greater control, more features, and ways to directly access files that are often faster than using the cPanel GUI.
    Ability to configure server-wide defaults, such as behaviour for directory indexing for all accounts under the VPS.
    Support from the web host who creates the VPS. WebHostingBuzz, for example, offers comprehensive support with its VPS. This helps you concentrate on your own priorities, while allowing you to learn at an assisted level before moving to a dedicated server.
    Personal nameservers, which in my opinion are one of the great advantages of VPS or reseller hosting. Instead of using nameservers provided by your host, with their name in the domain name, you create nameservers tied to your reseller domain or main domain. If your main reseller domain is “”, you may create and You can configure all your “client” accounts to use ns1. and as their nameservers. This is better for branding your business, and makes the task of moving to a new server or host far simpler.
    Skeleton directory, or skel, to configure default files and folder structure to be used for all new accounts under the VPS. This directory is used as a template, or skeleton, for new cPanel accounts. Anything placed in the skeleton directory is automatically copied to the home directory of any new cPanel accounts you create. As with personal nameservers, this is a great way to extend your web hosting brand. You could, for example, set all new hosting accounts to display a welcome message, your logo and contact information, and links to web hosting help files for the new hosting client.
    Options for domain management. For example, you are able to use both Park and Redirect, depending upon your needs.

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