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According to Google, the caliber of a landing page is measured using different criteria: usefulness and relevance of knowledge provided about the page, ease of navigation for the user, duration of page load, quantity of links page, transparency of knowledge, development of a procurement process and delivery, etc..

When viewing your website landing page, it is interesting to obtain information on the initial elements seen by Internet users, such as menu navigation, the search engine, the shopping cart, contact page, etc. .
To measure user behavior, several online services provide you with the ability to record the clicks of users and make up a heat map (heatmap) for each of your webpages.

However, these tracking tools are based on click data and not on user tests in the room with eye-tracking system (eye tracking) which records the gaze direction accurately User .

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1. The most common mistake in optimizing website landing page:

2. Just how long does it take to test your landing page?

3. And if I want to draw on the landing page of my concurrent?

4. Can it be better to change everything simultaneously or gradually?

5. Who must carry out the style of your squeeze page? The web designer, marketing team, the director of the company?

6. When you stop testing?

7. How to build trust with users?