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    Some of the advantages are:

    Reliable Security
    High Performance & Seamless
    Consistent System Updates
    Cost-Effective Solution
    Entirely Flexible

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    This is great post.

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    1) Linux OS is an open source software product and therefore does not require higher license fees for those other OSs; So that you can freely download it and use it freely.

    2) A Linux website can be easily converted into a Windows website without much complications without it, the website can be easily changed because the user's requirement increases.

    3) Linux web hosting is very economical because Linux is a free operating system. Generally, only the cost of the delivery is borne by the host or owner.

    4) When your website requires scripting language such as PHP, MySQL, or Perl, then Linux server hosting is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for you. Unless there is heavy weight of scripting language, it will not be able to detect.

    5) There are many types of databases running on Linux hosting, but web hosting providers are most likely to have MSULL, MySQL and PostGrace SQL. These databases are relational with nature, and allow for highly customized communication with your website to speed up the data.

    6) Linux hosting is much more secure than most of the Windows hosting, and this is why only Linux server hosting is the most popular option for web designers and programmers.

    Hope it helps you

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    1) More secure
    2) Support for web developers
    3) Great Stability
    4) Multitasking
    5) Flexible platform
    6) Cost-effective
    7) Compatibility
    8) Performance
    9) Easy Installation and freebies
    10) Reliable Linux servers

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    There are 3 distinct advantages of Linux shared hosting solution and they are:

    Linux is not only an open source platform but also available at absolutely free of cost. As because they are available free, the cost of hosting falls drastically as it is based upon Linux OS. There are many popular scripts including phpBB, Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal with which Linux based hosting is available.

    As this kind of server is extremely flexible, they are used by businesses for creating forums, multimedia apps, website, and most importantly blogs. You can use Linux with Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUE Linux, and many other distributions because of the fact that Linux is available with General Public License or GNU.

    Security level of Linux shared hosting is very high.

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    In the world of web hosting, Linux has the upper hand against other operating systems particularly Windows. Linux web hosting is becoming more and more the most popular method of web hosting among web developers. You might wonder why Linux is the king when it comes to web development when Windows seems to be the better known operating system out there in the market.

    Well, there are many things that caused Linux to be at the forefront of web hosting choices.

    Foremost of these is the price, as every edition of Linux such as Free BSD, Red Hat and Debian is free for web developers to use in their web design. With the cost of the operating system to use gone, the overall cost of a Linux web hosting plan is reduced resulting in a higher profit for web developers and price advantage for consumers.

    Here are the other advantages of choosing Linux web hosting:

    The Low Costs

    Aside from the free cost of the Linux operating system as mentioned earlier, choosing Linux web hosting also allows you to avail of the its other applications that are also free. Desktop and server applications for your web design such as File Server, Web Server, DNS Server and FTP are free to download and free for your server to use.

    Its Compatibility Capability

    Another advantage in choosing Linux web hosting is its compatibility with other software and operating systems.

    Making a website that is based on Linux be hosted by a server that is of other operating system like Windows will cause no difficulties while having a website that is based on another OS like Windows be hosted by a Linux server will nothing but trouble.

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