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    Advantage of colocation

    Collocation hosting helps minimize downtimes and increase availability. he hosting company that stores your server monitors and troubleshoots it for you.
    With colocation hosting, you can be assured of high security for your server as the hosting companyís datacenters are well equipped for it. With the colocation model of management, you can reduce set up and maintenance costs significantly. Since you donít need to maintain a datacenter of your own, you save costs.

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    There are several advantages to colocating servers and other IT infrastructure in a specialized datacenter. You may consider the upside:

    1. the biggest colocation advantages are bandwidth and associated costs
    2. colocation facilities have better protection against outages than you can find in all but the largest corporations’ datacenters
    3. unlike using a managed host, you own the hardware in a colocation center
    4. in a colocation arrangement, you also own the software
    5. if your business moves, your colocated IT equipment can stay right where it is
    6. colocation facilities provide more security than a typical office environment
    7. most colocation centers will manage your hardware and software for you at an additional cost
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    Colocation is a type of web hosting, where you store you server at a Data (or Colocation) Centre.
    -Cheaper than hosting your own server.
    -You have a high amount of flexibility.
    -There is high amount of bandwidth available. So if you need to use more it will be readily available.
    -You can easily upgrade when necessary

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    Colocation data centers have fully redundant network connections ensuring that customers’ business critical applications always run uninterrupted
    Improved network security
    Redundant power supply
    Better connectivity

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    The biggest advantages of colocation servers are:

    1. The biggest advantage is bandwidth
    2. Unlike using a managed host you own hardware in colocation center.

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    6 Advantages of Colocation
    Better connectivity.
    Improved network security.
    Redundant power supply.
    Bursting capability.
    Room for growth.
    A step toward cloud migration.

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    hi sir,

    very good .thanks for share

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    Thanks for Sharing mate it helps lot to understand colocation.

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    One of the best advantage, its have better connectivity.

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    -Reduced IT Infrastructure and Management Costs
    -Increased Power Capacity and Redundancy
    -Reliability and Uptime
    -Robust, Affordable Bandwidth
    -24/7 Local Support
    -Security and Data Protection
    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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    Its have better connectivity.

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    1. Strong, Affordable Bandwidth
    As transfer speed necessities increment with more mind boggling applications, 'enormous information' and distributed computing, colocation turns into a more temperate decision. Colocation additionally permits you to keep up administration supplier assorted qualities and exploit volume evaluating without negotiating and deal with various contracts and administration assentions. With TierPoint you can enhance your system execution by having admittance to numerous or a percentage of the biggest IP spines on the planet and advantage from a financially savvy, versatile IP system.

    2. Every Minute of Every Day Local Support
    With colocation, your IT group has the decision of keeping up their own gear or utilizing TierPoint's remote hands administration to supplement support and administration of servers and gear. With all day and all night access to TierPoint's IT specialists, you have the genuine feelings of serenity that a nearby expert will dependably be accessible to investigate or help with IT base.

    3. Expanded Power Capacity and Redundancy
    Private server farms can face power limit challenges, especially when moving up to IT applications that require high thickness power. Colocation offices give access to a more vigorous force for every square foot proportion than most private server farms, permitting organizations to influence advancements in virtualization and high thickness registering. Furthermore, private focuses require reinforcement on account of a force blackout. TierPoint's energy base is intended to guarantee consistent, continuous energy to your hardware. We offer a 100% administration level understanding (SLA) for clients who use force encourages from differing plants.

    4. Fetched Savings
    One of the greatest advantages of colocation is the cash it can spare you and your organization. When you move your information to a colocation office, you'll see an observable drop in your IT consumptions. No more do you need to prepare, oversee, or give staffing to an on location server farm; outsourcing to a colocation site will permit you to have set month to month costs that can better arm you for planning and assignment of assets. Likewise, to finish it off, you'll get top notch gear, as well – at no additional expenses.

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    Advantages of colocation are :
    You pay for what you use
    Power Redundancy
    Security and Data Protection
    Network Reliability
    Better Performance, Speed, and Connectivity
    Scalability and Room for Growth

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    Colocation is just one of several options for companies that want to outsource their computing needs. With colocation, you provide the equipment, and your colocation provider hosts your equipment in their data center and provides the power, ping, pipe and rack. Here are some of the top benefits of colocation.


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